Tuesday, June 4, 2013

1947 Group Snapshot of Girls, possibly at Auburn, Maine

Snapshot dated 30 April 1947 of a group of girls who lived, I believe, in Auburn, Maine, or the area.  

Since they're all dressed in light clothing, I'm assuming the photograph was taken on a special occasion, or it was a day scheduled for a class photograph.

Their names, not in alphabetical order

  • Betty Barton
  • Charlene Royal [married name Fenner]
  • Lois Mackay (Case)  [Lois A. Mackay married David Case on 16 October 1954.]
  • Patsy Dacy  [Patricia M. Dacey married Farnham Folsom on 22 September 1956.]
  • Pat Riley Taylor
  • Janet
  • Esther Philbrick (Tessier )  [Esther A. Philbrick married Robert L. Tessier on 24 August 1957.]
  • Illene Dexter (Thompson)  [Illene Dexter married Wilbur Thompson.]
  • Janice Woodcock
  • Joan Martin
  • Dottie Snow (Peter)  [Dorothy E. Snow married William A. Peter, Jr., on 3 September 1955.]
  • Verna Gove (Drury)  [Verna L. Gove married Andrew M. Drury on 8 September 1956
  • Connie Weymouth  [married name Wagnon]
  • Jackie Miles (Jordan)  Could be Jackie Niles
  • Nancy Gentile 
  • Marylyn Chase (Oldham)  [Marylyn R. Chase married Kenneth P. Oldham on 1 December 1956.]
  • Mary Mac

If you have corrections to the transcription of names or additional information, please leave a comment.  Be vague for privacy concerns, as these girls are from a later era than I usually feature.

Auburn, Maine

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