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1910-1920 Decennial Catalog of Washington State Normal School at Machias, Maine

Decennial Catalog, Washington State Normal School, Machias, Maine, 1910-1920. The school is now known as the University of Maine at Machias.

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W. L. Powers, Principal

"The Washington Normal School opened its doors in the year 1910.  In June 1920, it will have completed the first decade of its existence.  This special catalog is issued to furnish the names of all of our graduates and the positions they are now holding."

If you wish to see a slideshow of the booklet in its entirety of over 42 pages, click here and stop the motion on pages you want to read more thoroughly, or see the pages in their entirety at the end of this post.

Below, the pages that contain names of people and portions of two pages that give a history of Machias, Maine.

Normal School Trustees

Dr. Augustus O. Thomas, Ex Officio
Fred W. Thurlow, Cutler
William Lyons, Westbrook
Charles P. Allen, Presque Isle
Carlton P. Merrill, Skowhegan


William L. Powers
A. B., Bates College, 1888; Ped. D., Bates College, 1917; Principal High School, Fort Fairfield, 1888-1892; Principal High School, Gardiner, 1892-1908; Superintendent Of Schools, Fort Fairfield-Easton District, 1908-1910; Lecturer on Nature Study for ten years in the Maine Summer Schools.
Psychology, Pedagogy, School Management, History and Civics

Assistant Principal

Earle D. Merrill
A.B. Bates College, 1912; Certificate from Massachusetts Agricultural College, 1915; War Work Diploma from Springfield Y.M.C.A. College, 1917. Courses in Demolition and Camouflage at Angers, France, with the 116th Engineers A. E. F., 1918; Bates College Summer School, 1919.

Agriculture, French, Mathematics

Frank Kilburn
A.B. Cornell University, 1915. Assistant in Westfield, N. Y., High School, 1915-1916; principal High School, Portage, 1916-1917; assistant in Fort Fairfield High School 1917-1918; Summer Course, at University of Maine, 1914.
Nature Study, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics, Botany and Free Hand Drawing

Director of Training

Carrie M. Wight
Gorham Normal School; Summer Courses at a Hyannis Normal and Harvard College.

Dean and Matron

Estella M. Daniels
A.B. University of Chicago


Martha M. Tobey
Farmington Normal School; Summer Course, N. E. Conservatory of Music; Summer Session at State Normal College, Greensboro, N.C.
On leave of absence for one year; now studying at the Colorado State Teachers’ College

Ethel I. Duffy

Provincial Normal School, Fredericton, N. B.; MacDonald Training School, Truro, N. S.; Mt. Allison Ladies’ College, Sackville, N. B.; Special Course at Rhode Island School of Design, Providence; Summer Course at Columbia Teacher’s College

Manual Training and Drawing

Ethel G. Chamberlain
A.B. Colby College, 1915. Assistant in Fort Fairfield High School, 1915-1917; Summer Work at Frances Willard Settlement House, Boston, Mass.; Summer Course at Columbia Teachers’ College.

Expression, Calisthenics, Folk Dancing, English

Lillian H. Gates
B.S. Simmons College, 1918

Cooking and Sewing

Grace A. Rogers
Piano and Theory at New England Conservatory of Music, Boston; Summer School in Public School Music, Lasell Seminary, Auburndale, Mass.; Graduate “New School of Methods in Public
School Music” (3 yrs. course); Graduate Summer School of Music New York University (five yrs. course).  Public School Music, piano, and orchestral instruments.

Critic Teachers

Florence M. Mealy
Washington Normal School, 1915.
Grades 7 and 8

Mildred G. Drisko

Washington Normal School, 1919.
Grades 5 and 6

Grace O'Donnell

Washington Normal School, 1915.
Grades 3 and 4

Louise W. Vose

Washington Normal School, 1918.
Grades 1 and 2


Marion B. Longfellow


George F. Grafton



The act of legislature establishing normal schools in the State of Maine was approved March 25, 1863, and declares:

1. “They shall be thoroughly devoted to the work of training teachers for their professional labors.”

2. “The course of study shall include the common English branches in thorough reviews, and such of the higher branches as are especially adapted. to prepare teachers to conduct the mental, moral and physical education of their pupils.”

3. “The art of school management, including the best methods of government and instruction, shall have a prominent place in the daily exercises of said schools.”

4. “Said Normal Schools, while teaching the fundamental truths of Christianity and the great principle of morality recognized by statute, shall be free from all denominational teachings, and open to persons of different religious connections on terms of entire equality.”


Machias, the shire town of Washington county, is situated on the river of the same name, at the head of navigation. The town occupies both sides of the river, and is practically in the middle of

the county, being thirty-f1ve miles from its western border, and forty-five miles from Calais and Eastport on its eastern border.

The town was founded in 1763, When sixteen settlers came from Scarborough (Maine) attracted by the heavy wooded tracts of land and water-power in the neighborhood. Mills were erected and the village was in a flourishing condition when the first mutterings of the Revolutionary War were heard.

Being the easternmost settlement in the colonies, it attracted the attention of the Loyalist party of Nova Scotia, and was, during most of the war, an object of attack.

The first actual encounter occurred on June 12, 1775, two months after Lexington and Concord, and a week before Bunker Hill. The British sloop-of-war, Margaretta, which was engaged in convoying two vessels, for the purpose of loading lumber for the use in the British barracks in Boston, was overhauled and captured in Machias Bay. The attack was made by a band from the town armed with pitchforks, scythes and a few muskets, and the British commander and seven of his men were killed.

Machias portion continued

This encounter, the first marine conflict of the war, called by Cooper, the “Lexington of the Sea” has been officially recognized A by Congress, in the naming of a gunboat “Machias” and a torpedo

boat destroyer “O’Brien,” for the town, and the heroic leader of the expedition, respectively.

The train service is excellent, allowing travel to all points on the railroad and making Machias easily accessible from any part of the state.

The town has four churches, each having a regular pastor, housed in substantial church edifices as follows: Congregational, Methodist Episcopal, Universalist and Roman Catholic.

The educational advantages of Machias are second to none in eastern Maine. There is a complete system of graded schools, occupying eight school buildings: and a well appointed High School

with English, Commercial and Classical courses of four years.

The town has an excellent Public Library, housed in a fine granite building, the gift of a former resident, Henry H. Porter, Esq., of Chicago. Normal School students are always Welcome.

Students in Attendance at 1919 Summer School
Ruby Antone, Pembroke                Doris Kelley, Dennysville
Marguerite Bartlett, Bangor            Eloise Lewis, Machias
Edith Beckett, Calais                      Ruth MacDonald, Bangor
Agnes Berry, Jacksonville              Virginia Maker, East Jonesport
Evelyn Carter, West Pembroke      Nora Malkson, Waite 
Helen Crowley, Lubec                   Laura Mann, Shapleigh 
Helen L. Crowley, Wytopitlock      Helen McAdam, Calais 
Arnald Day, Wesley                      Gertrude McGuire, Machias 
Lucetta Doore, Bradford                Florence McLain, Milltown
Mattie Dorr, Columbia Falls       Gertrude McKinney, Fort Fairfield
Lena Dwelley, East Machias          Florence Nash, Winter Harbor
Ellen Dyer, Eastbrook                    Florence Nash, Machias
Lola Dyer, Franklin                       Hulda Parsons, Bangor
Carolyn Erskine, Bangor               Sherman Phinney, Calais
Alice Faulkingham, W. Jonesport        Lena Shaw, Harrington
Ethel Friend, Etna                          Velma Shea, Cherryfield
Adelaide Fryer, Cooper                  Benjamin Smith, Calais
Leonice Gooch, Jacksonville           Donald Smith, Calais
Hattie Gordon, East Franklin           Irma Smith, Dennysville
Doreen Gregory, Calais                  Louise Smith, Dennysville 
Clara Guptill, Machiasport              Marian Smith, Dennysville
Anna Guptill, Addison                    Lula Spurling, Gouldsboro
Blanche Hallowell, Dennysville      Anna Swett, Machias
Helena Hallowell, Dennysville        Edna Sylvia, Dennysville
Marjorie Harvell, Robbinston          Leitha Temple, Birch Harbor
Vivian Hasty, Machias                   Helen Wass, Harrington 
Doris Hatch, East Sullivan              Julia Wass, Harrington
Eva Hockenhull, Fort Fairfield          Bertha Wheeler, Etna
Gladys Holmes, East Machias         Ottillie Wilkinson, Gouldsboro
Helena Hopkins, West Jonesport    Elizabeth Fisher, Fort Fairfield
Lena Hopkinson, Fort Fairfield       Elizabeth Campbell, Cherryfield
Edna Joy, Gouldsboro                   Mabel Dennett, Bangor 
Julia Joy, Addison                         Lelia Guptill, Machiasport
Leola Joy, Addison                        Vivian Kyle, Mattawamkeag

Officers of the Alumni Association
President, Raymond Nass, 1918, Columbia Falls
Vice-President, Leon Rockwell, 1919, Columbia Falls
Sec’y-Treas., Florence Mealy, 1919, Machias
Historian, Emily Longfellow Heaton, 1915, Boston, Massachusetts

Graduates of the Washington State Normal School, Machias, Maine

Class of 1912.  First Class
  • Harriet Boles, married Eugene W. Hume. Teaching in Junior High School, Calais. Home address, Calais.
  • Annie Burns, Government Clerk, Washington, D. C. Home address, Machias.
  • Belle Dennison, Teaching in Skowhegan. Home address, Cutler.
  • Ethel Frost, Teaching in Perry. Home address, Perry.
  • Helen Hannah, married Ralph W. Emerson, two children.  Home address, Jonesport.
  • Foster L. Higgins, married Ada Moan of class of 1912, twin sons. Supt. of Schools, Mars Hill, Blaine and Bridgewater District. Home address, Mars Hill.
  • Ethel B. Holway, Teaching in Brewer. Home address, Machiasport
  • Adelaide MacEacharn, Teaching in Lincoln. Home address, Machias.
  • Ruth Marston, married Vaughn E. Roney, three sons. Home address, Ashland.
  • Lottie McDevitt, married David C. Monohon. Teaching in Cherryfield. Home address, Cherryfield.
  • Bessie McElwee, married George Bowles, two children. Home address, Calais.
  • Sarah McFarland, Teaching in Milltown. Home address, Milltown.
  • Elsie Means, married Carroll C. Gardner. Home address, Eastport.
  • Ada Moan, married Foster L. Higgins of class of 1912, twin sons. sHome address, Mars Hill.
  • Katherine Morang, married George F. Kelley, Jr., three sons. Home address, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Catherine Morrison, married William Bishop. Home address, Presque Isle.
  • Florence Phelan, Having a year’s rest. Home address, Calais.
  • Mina Roberts, married Walter Bishop, two children. Home address, Caribou.
  • Hattie Snell, married Dr. W. J. Gilbert. Home address, Calais.
  • Susie Stevens, married John J. Rouke. Home address, Montpelier, Vermont.
  • Florence K. Vose, Teaching in Machias. Home address, Machias.
  • Martha Whelan, married Aubrey Gould, one child. Home address, Lake View.
  • John White, Teaching High School in Addison. Home address, Jonesport, R. F. D. 
Class of 1913. Second Class.
  • Ruth Bridgham, married Hazen R. Libby, one daughter. Home address, Bangor.
  • Hugh Drisko, Columbia Falls. Deceased.
  • Minnie Gillis, Principal Junior High School in Woodland. Home address, Calais.
  • Lulu Hall, Machias, deceased.
  • Raymond Hall, Lumbering, Whiting. Home address, Whiting.
  • Mildred Harvey, married Harold Roney. Home address, Cottage Farms, Cape Elizabeth.
  • Ephraim Johnson, Machias. Deceased.
  • Edna Leighton, married Maurice E. Worcester. Teaching in Harrington. Home address, Columbia.
  • Hazel Mahar, Teaching in Lubec. Home address, Lubec.
  • [Printer missed the name and part of the employer's name] & Shoe Co., Bangor. Home address, Brewer.
  • Lizzie McGuire, Teaching in Machias, Home address, Machias.
  • Neil Maclauchlan, married Eleanor Walker. Teaching in Cranberry Isle. Home address, Machias.
  • Ethel McPherson, Teaching in Jonesport. Home address, Calais.
  • Dwight Meserve, Machias. Deceased.
  • Anna Murphy, Teaching in Eastport. Home address, Eastport.
  • Lucy Nash, Teaching in Columbia. Home address, Addison.
  • Genevieve O’Donnell, Teaching in Machias. Home address, Machias.
  • Roberta Puffer, Teaching in Hopedale, Massachusetts. Home address, Columbia.
  • Mildred Ramsdell, widow of Wilson Fernald, one son. Teaching in Columbia. Home address, Columbia.
  • Mertie Ramsdell, married Milton P. Frye. Home address, Harrintgon.
  • Lillian Reynolds, Teaching in North Lubec. Home address, Lubec.
  • Willie Rockwell, married Maude E. Coffin, Teaching Government School at Fort McKinley. Home address, Portland. 
  • Ethel Rollins, married Howard R. Houston, one daughter. Home address, North Jay.
  • Emily Searway, married Nelson A. Remick. Home address, Reading, Massachusetts.
  • Marcia Small, Bucks Harbor, deceased.

  • Lucy Thompson, married Richard Dodge, one son. Home address, Orono.
Class of 1914.  Third Class.
  • Elizabeth Albee, Having a year’s rest. Home address, East Machias.
  • Frances Atwater, Teaching in Bangor. Home address, Jonesport.
  • Verna Brown, Teaching in Wilmington, Delaware. Home address, not known.
  • Minerva E. Davis, Teaching in Cutler. Home address, Cutler.
  • Lucy Guptill, married Hammond Flynn, one son. Home address, Machias.
  • Grace Hobart, married Caleb T. Tracey, one son. Home address, Mt. Desert.
  • Harriette Holway, Clerk in American Express Office, Bath. Home address, Machias.
  • Esther Kilby, Teaching in Milton, Massachusetts. Home address, Dennysville.
  • Vera Loring, Teaching in Cutler. Home address, Perry.
  • Clara McEacharn, Teaching in Bangor. Home address, Machias.
  • Emma S. Perry, married William. G. Means, Jr. Home address, Machias.
  • Nora Plummer, Government Clerk, Washington, D. C. Home address, Harrington.
  • Iva Ramsdell, Principal Junior High School, Georgetown, Connecticut.  Home address, Lubec.
  • Statira Roberts married Reynold Thompson. Home address, Dexter.
  • Harold Roney, married Mildred Harvey. In iron and steel business. Home address, Cape Elizabeth.
  • Mary Vose, Teaching in Bangor. Home address, Bangor.
  • Blanche Whitney, Teaching in Hopedale Massachusetts. Home address, Jonesboro.
  • Hazel Wilson, Teaching in Deblois. Home address, Deblois.
Class of 1915. Fourth Class
  • Isabelle Abernethy, married Verner T. Brown, one son. Home address, West Pembroke.
  • Gladys L. Allan, Teaching in Presque Isle. Home address, Columbia.
  • Mildred Babb, married George F. Marston. Home address Jonesboro.
  • Genesta Beal, Teaching in Addison. Home address, Jonesport.

  • Carrie Bell, Helping teacher in Marion. Home address, Edmunds.
  • Ava Davis, married Stillman Ray. Home address, South Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Ethel Dorr, Teaching in Clifton. Home address, Columbia Falls.
  • Ralph Foss, Postal Employee, Machias. Home address, Machias.
  • Alta Grant, married James. G. Sproul, one daughter. Home address, Cherryfield.
  • Grace Harmon, Teaching in Greenville Junction. Home address, Machias.
  • Mildred Huntley, Teaching in Georgetown, Connecticut. Home address, Machias.
  • Carolyn Leighton, married Gordon McCabe. Home address, Machias.
  • Emily Longfellow, married Isaac Heaton, Jr. Home address, Machias.
  • Gertrude McGuire, Teaching in Machias. Home address, Machias.
  • Arden McEacharn, married Marion Rogers. Teaching in Machias High School. Home address, Machias.
  • Edith McRae, married Ralph C. Hobart. Home address, Dennysville.
  • Florence M. Mealy, Teaching in Model School, Machias. Home address, Machias.
  • Doris Moore, married Harold E. Dennison. Home address, Trescott. 
  • Grace Morrison, married Warren M. Hill. Home address, Machias.
  • Merle Norton, Teaching in Deblois. Home address, Deblois.
  • Ira Noyes, Employed in Hopedale, Massachusetts. Home address, Jonesboro.
  • Lena Oakes, married Clayton E. Lorrey, two children. Home address, Deblois.
  • Grace O’Donnell, Teaching in Model School, Machias. Home address, Machias.
  • Alma Parker, Eastport, deceased.
  • Ida Peterson, Teaching in Patten. Home address, Columbia Falls.
  • Grace Reed, Teaching in Bangor. Home address, Bangor.
  • Adelaide Sargent, Teaching in Augusta. Home address Machias.
  • Hazel Tracy, Teaching in Dexter. Home address, Cherryfield.
  • Merle Trecartin, married Clarence Kelley. Home address, Lubec.
Class of 1916. Fifth Class
  • Lena Beverly, married Robert L. McCammon, one daughter. Home address, Rutland, Vermont.

  • Winnifred Beverly, married Frank W. Haines. Home address, Dexter.
  • Kathryn Black married Roland E. Stevens, one son. Home address, Ellsworth.
  • Vena Burritt, married Harold O. Plummer, one daughter. Home address, Harrington.
  • Alice Clark
  • Laura Colwell, Teaching in Skowhegan. Home address, Princeton.
  • Doris Damon, married C. M. Morgan, one daughter. Home address, Caribou.
  • Verna Lingley, Married Pearl Robertson, two children. Home address, Bangor.
  • Helen MacDonald, married Walter H. Godsoe. Home address, Milo.
  • Elizabeth Macomber, Teaching in Skowhegan. Home address, Seal Harbor.
  • Blanche Mallar, Teaching in Lincoln. Home address, Machias.
  • Ena Myers, married Noel D. Godfrey. Home address, New London, Connecticut.
  • Pearl Olsen, Teaching in Troy, New Hampshire.  Home address, East Machias.
  • Nettie Perry, Teaching in Brewer. Home address, Machias.
  • Jeanie Sanborn. Home address, Machias.
  • Ralph White, married Christine A. Beal, one son. Teaching in Milbridge. Home address, Jonesboro.
  • Holt Whitney, Salesman for American Clothing Co., Portland. Home address, Jonesboro.
Class of 1917. 6th Class
  • Lida Armstrong, Teaching in East Machias. Home address, Machias.
  • Jessie Ayer, Teaching in Lee. Home address, Charlotte.
  • Agnes Boyd, married Daniel A. Burns. Home address, Lubec.
  • Louise Buckman, Teaching in Presque Isle. Home address, Eastport.
  • Lewis Carter, Teaching in S. Gardiner. Home address, Pembroke.
  • Arnold Day, Teaching in Monticello. Home address, Wesley.
  • Gertrude Driscoll, married Earl L. Ormsby, one child. Home address Brunswick.
  • Celia Emerson, married Elton Small. Home address, Bucks Harbor.
  • Lelia Emerson, Teaching in Woodland. Home address, Bucks Harbor.
  • Florence Gardner, Clerking in Machias. Home address, Machias.
  • Horace Grant, married Elizabeth Dalby, Teaching in Hartford,Connecticut. Home address, Hartford, Connecticut.
  • Frederick W. Hayford, Principal, “Parting Ways School”, New Bedford, Massachusetts. Home address, Milbridge.
  • Ivan C. Huntley, Teaching in Madawaska Training School, Fort Kent. Home address, Machias.
  • Chester Love, Teaching in Milltown Grammar School. Home address, Red Beach.
  • Verna McCann, Helping Teacher in Princeton Union. Home address, Princeton.
  • Vivian Moholland, married Joseph A. White. Teaching in Brewer. Home address, Bangor.
  • Nona Myers, Teaching in Lubec. Home address, Lubec.
  • Charles Norton, Asst. Manager Shoe Department, Sawyer Boot
  • Lawrence Norton, Principal High School at Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire.  Home address, Jonesport.
  • Phebe Norton, Jonesport, deceased.
  • Augustine O’Donnell, Teaching in Madawaska Training School, Fort Kent. Home address, Machias.
  • Evelyn Parker, Teaching in Augusta. Home address, Gardiner.
  • Edith Poore, Teaching in Livermore Falls. Home address, Robbinston.
  • Helen Sprague, Teaching in Woodland. Home Address, Woodland.
  • Fred A. Tarbox, Teaching in Higgins Classical Institute, Charleston. Home address, Calais.
  • Annie Topolosky, Teaching in Woodland. Home address, Woodland.
  • Homer Worcester, Just released from Navy. Home address, Columbia.
Class of 1918 7th Class
  • Lucia E. Crane, married John R. Salter. Home address, Cambridge, Massachusetts. One daughter.
  • Ruth Davis, Teaching in Augusta. Home address, Cutler.
  • Ada Elsemore, married Carroll B. Mayhew. Home address, East Machias.
  • Genevieve Healy, Teaching in Eastport. Home address, Eastport.
  • Everett S. Higgins, married L. Grace Trecartin, one daughter. Principal, Academy at Bridgewater. Home address, Bridgewater.
  • Charles Hulbert, married Vincie Bunker, three children, Supt. of Schools in Upton District. Home address Upton.
  • Carrie M. Longfellow, Teaching in Franklin. Home address, Machias.
  • Vivian A. Look, Teaching in Ellsworth, Home address, Jonesboro.
  • Emma H. Mallar, Teaching in Augusta, Home address, Machias.
  • Myra Morris, married Clarence Drisko, Home address, Machias
  • Edith Perry, Teaching in Brewer. Home address, Machias.
  • Leah Ramsdell, Attending U. of M., Home address, Lubec.
  • Celia Small, Teaching in Sullivan, Home address, Milbridge.
  • Mabel Small, Attending U. of M., Home address, Milbridge.
  • Louise Vose, Teaching in Model School, Machias, Home address, Machias.
  • Raymond Wass, Attending U. of M., Home address, Columbia Falls.
Class of 1919. 8th Class
  • Carolyn Allen, Teaching in Greenville, Home address, Columbia Falls.
  • Carrie Bangs, Teaching in Woodland. Home address, Lubec.
  • Esther Bowker, Teaching in Marshfield, Home address, Marshfield.
  • Muriel Cleland, Teaching in Augusta, Home address, Robbinston.
  • Sara Cooper, Teaching in Caribou. Home address, Machiasport.
  • Mildred Drisko, Teaching in Model School, Machias. Home address, Columbia Falls.
  • Mae Fanning, Teaching in Veazie. Home address, Lubec.
  • Elizabeth Gillis, Teaching in Cherryfield, Home address, Calais.
  • Pearl Graves, Teaching in Cherryfield. Home address, Princeton.
  • Marguerite Hogan, Teaching in Eastport, Home address, Eastport.
  • Mildred Lake, Teaching in Lubec, Home address, Lubec.
  • Lucy Lindsey, Teaching in Steuben, Home address, East Machias
  • Gertude Mahan, married Stanley N. Holbrook, Home address, Whitman, Massachusetts.
  • Althea McBride, Teaching in Milo, Home address, Lubec.
  • Juanita Noyes, married Alfred Bridgham, Home address, Jonesboro.
  • Verner Robinson, Teaching Grammar School in Robinson, Home address, West Pembroke. [I'd think this was a typo for Robbinston, but there is a Robinson in Aroostook County, so it could well be Robinson.]
  • Leon Rockwell, Principal of Winter Harbor Junior High School. Home address, Columbia Falls.
  • Jessie Sadler, Teaching in Eastport, Home address, Eastport.
  • Annie Small, Teaching in Lubec, Home address, Lubec.
  • Leah Smith, Teaching in Westfield. Home address, Jonesport.
  • Marion Stanley, Teaching in Brownville, Home address, Centerville.
  • Evelyn Stevenson, Teaching in Rumford, Home address, Eastport
  • Fannie Towse, Teaching in Alexander, Home address, Lubec.
  • Caroline Whitten, Steuben, deceased.
Students in Attendance, 1919-1920
Celia Ackley, Cutler                      Audrey Jones, Lubec
Hazel Armstrong, Machias            Millicent Larrabee, Machias
Winnifred Bates, Princeton           Jeannette MacCarlie, Dennysville
Winnifred Beal, Jonesport             Marie Mahar, Dennysville
Mary Bray, Cherryfield                 Arline Marston, Machias
Mona Buzzell, Machias                 Florence Maynard, Machias
Edwina Cambridge, Edmunds        Helen McAdam, Calais
Thelma Clark, Pembroke               Ella Mitchell, Eastport
Alice Clarke, Machias                    Virginia Morrison, Princeton
Faye Cook, Lubec                          Anne Mowry, Lubec
Ella Cox, West Lubec                     Edith Mowry, Lubec
Emma Davis, Lubec                        Jotham Reynolds, Lubec
Anna Dresser, Milbridge                  Roswell Palmer, Jacksonville
George Drisko, Columbia Falls         Elizabeth Powers, Lubec
Iona Drisko, Addison                      Helen Ryan, Baileyville
Amy Dudley, Dennysville                Ronald Sinclair, Columbia Falls
Dorothy Dwelley, East Machias       Verniece Sinclair, Edmunds
Maude Gooch, Jacksonville              Christine Smith, Lubec
Arthur Grant, Cherryfield                 Emily Smith, Jonesboro
Marcia Grover, Crawford                 Louise Smith, Pembroke
Erma Hall, Machias                         Violet Smith, Machias
Blanche Hallowell, Edmunds            Irene Somes, Mt. Desert
Helena Hallowell, Edmunds              Gertrude Spires, Calais
Corice Harmon, East Machias           Angela Thayer, Lubec
Frances Harmon, Jonesport              Ethel Towse, Lubec
Vivian Hastey, East Machias             Verna Wallace, Crawford
Eva Higgins, Dennysville                   Lillian Walling, Machias
Gladys Holmes, East Machias           Helen Wass, Machias
Doris Hinckley, Milbridge                 Mary Wass, Machias
Helena Hinckley, Milbridge              P. Blanche Weed, Wesley
Kenneth Huckins, Lubec                  Winnifred Whalen, Eastport
Florence Hudson, Machias               Harriet Whitney, Jonesboro.
Mary Huntley, Harrington

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