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Tintype of Julius Bibbins &, possibly, CDV of daughter Carrie Bush or Rush Bibbins

 Tintype of Julius Jones Bibbins, above, accompanied by a Carte de Visite of a baby that I assume is his daughter, Carrie Bush or Carrie Rush, but perhaps is the daughter of some people who presented Julius with the CDV of their own child.

From what I have been able to find online, Julius Jones Bibbins was born 15 November 1847 in Mount Carroll, Illinois.  He died in Chatfield, Minnesota, 11 May 1906.  His parents were Eliphay and Laura W. (Hawley) Bibbins.  Eliphay was born in 1801 in Bethel, Vermont.  Laura was born in New York.  

Julius Jones Bibbins married Elvira A. Silsbee in Minnesota in December of 1874.   Elvira was born 9 October in 1856, in Saratoga, Minnesota, the daughter of William F. and Susan Abigail (Holden) Silsbee.

Julius and Elvira had a daughter Lina, born, I believe, in early 1880, as she is listed in the 1880 Census as 4 months old.  Next, from online sources, I see a daughter Bertha born in February 1883 and a daughter Beulah born in 1886.  None of these sources mention Carrie.  I'm wondering if perhaps Carrie died at a young age.

Or, is it possible that Carrie Bush or Rush is not the daughter of Julius and Vira but the CDV was meant as a gift to them of someone else's child?  Here's the CDV of Carrie:

Reverse of CDV:

These two photographs were found with others, including two Kincaid children, Samantha Mattie and Eunice Kincaid.  Their mother was Julius' sister Mary Amanda Bibbins, who married James Andrew Kincaid.  The Kincaid family moved to California and settled in the Upper Tule in Mountain View and later moved to Frazier Valley.  I'll be describing these photographs in a future post.

If you have any insights into the true identity of Carrie Bush or Rush, if she is not the daughter of Julius Jones and Elvira (Silsbee) Bibbins, please contact me so that I can give the CDV its true context.  Also, if you have information on the Bibbins, Hawley, Silsbee or Holden families, I would love to hear from you.

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