Monday, August 2, 2010

CDV of Baby, Amos Guy; Sioux City Iowa studio; Guy middle or surname?

Carte de Visite of a baby, taken by Genelli studio, M. W. Starks, Proprietor, 607 Fourth Street, Sioux City, Iowa.  On reverse, the identification reads "Amos Guy, Age 9 months".  Is Guy his last name or his middle name?

I found an Amos G. Guy, born abt 1876 in Illinois, living later in Iowa.  If this is he, then he was the son of Geny Guy and Chatherin Warf - but I wouldn't trust the spelling of either of these. 

If you have any insights into the true identity of this baby, please contact me so that I can give him the context he deserves. 

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