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1911 Obituary of baby Vernon Blaine, Huntsville, Kentucky

Note: See the comments below for a clarification of Vernon's full name

Obituary of Vernon Blaine of Huntsville, Kentucky,  in the December 12, 1911 edition of the Christian Leader and the Way newspaper, published in Cincinnati, Ohio, by F. L. Rowe, edited by Joseph E. Cain, James A. Harding, and Ira C. Moore, with Associate Editor Jesse P. Sewell.

BLAINE - On Monday, Nov. 6, 1911, death visited the home of Bro. and Sister James A. Blaine, at Huntsville, Ky., and took away the spirit of their little son, Vernon.  He was born June 10, 1909, and died Nov. 6, 1911.  His life on earth was short, but was long enough for him to become precious to his father and mother.  It was hard to give him up, but we should submit to his will, "for he doeth all things well".  Bro. and Sister Blaine should feel that heaven is nearer to them and should strive to meet their little one on the other shore, where there are no more tears or separations.  May the bereaved ones ever look unto Jesus for comfort and trust him for a happy reunion in the New Jerusalem.
                                                                                                                          John H. Hines

Researching online, I found a James Alexander Blaine of Huntsville, Kentucky, who married Bonnie Emma Oates on 28 February 1907.  

However, It's very possible these are not the right parents for Vernon, as they had a son named James Alexander Blaine, Jr., born in June of 1909, and there's no reference to a twin in this obituary, though admittedly it's more of a religious obituary than a genealogical one.  Also, Vernon isn't mentioned in their household in the 1910 Census, even though he would have been alive then.  But I haven't yet found another James A. Blaine in the Huntsville, Kentucky area.

Hopefully a reader will recognize Vernon Blaine and his family and will contact me with the proper identification.  I'd also like to know more about the John H. Hines who submitted the obituary to the newspaper.  I found a possible Census reference but the scan was so light I couldn't read the entries.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.

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  1. Hello. Thank you for posting this.

    James A. Blaine and Bonnie Emmas Oates Blaine are the right parents for Vernon (born James Vernon Blaine). He was my uncle. My mother Lois Kathleen Blaine was born a few years later, 1914 (died 1981). There is a grave market placed for little Vernon alongside his parents. Mama used to mention that when he fell ill (possibly of diphtheria), a doctor was brought in but could do nothing and walked out of the room shaking his head saying "poor little fellow". Vernon had liked to play around a pole in the farmyard and after his death they kept it there and everyone called it Vernon's Pole.

  2. I think my Uncle Fred Rowe Blaine, who was born one or two years after Vernon, was the namesake of F. L. Rowe, the publisher of that newspaper.

    Anyway the obituary brought tears to my eyes.
    I hope they are all reunited on the far shore.

  3. I'm so grateful you took the time to comment! Thanks for the clarification of Vernon's full name. I'm sorry for your tears but hopefully you were left with warm thoughts of your family. Again, many thanks for your comment.