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George Dancy & Wife of Meridian, Oklahoma, Lose 2nd House to Fire, 1911 article,

Sad article in the December 12, 1911 issue of Christian Leader and The Way.

Wichita, Kan. Dec 5 - I have just learned, through Bros. M. A. McPeak and Wilson Baird, elders of the church at Meridian, Okla., that Bro. George Dancy, also one of the elders, has lost his house and contents by fire.  The little congregation at Meridian will share in this loss, and are not appealing for aid.  But I know their ability as well as I know their willingness, and with their burdens and obligations they are not equal to this demand.

I believe there are congregations and brethren that will aid our brother, when informed of his loss.  That is why I write this.

Bro. and Sister Dancy are in the decline of life, and this is their second loss of this character within the past two years.  They are faithful in the Lord and altogether worthy.  Send to elders of the Church of Christ, Meridian, Oklahoma.
                                                                                                                           Joseph E. Cain.

I found a George Dancy in the 1920 Census in Oklahoma; he was born in North Carolina about 1865 and was married to Laura.    Too young to be "in the decline of life" in 1911, I'd say.

In the 1930 Census, I found a George Dancy born in 1851 in Missouri and living with his son and wife, William and Clara Black in Cross, Oklahoma; possibly he was Clara's father, rather than William's.  He was apparently widowed by that point.  This George Dancy would have been about 60 in 1911, so perhaps "in the decline of life" [though it pains me to say so].

Whether either of these is the George Dancy referenced in the article, I have no idea.  Perhaps a reader can clear up the mystery. 

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