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Obituary of Hattie Dorman Tucker of Roe, West Virginia

Obituary for Hattie Tucker, in the December 12, 1911 edition of the Christian Leader and the Way newspaper, published in Cincinnati, Ohio, by F. L. Rowe, edited by Joseph E. Cain, James A. Harding, and Ira C. Moore, with Associate Editor Jesse P. Sewell.


TUCKER - Hattie, the beloved wife of Bro. Albert Tucker, was born May 17, 1882, in Kanawha County, W. Va., and departed this life August 27, 1911.  Sister Tucker leaves a father, mother, three brothers and two sisters, husband and three children to mourn their loss, and while we sympathize with the bereaved ones, we believe that our loss is her gain.  Sister Tucker has been a member of the church for eleven years, and was a member of the congregation at Hugheston, W. Va., at the time of her death, and the last words to husband and the three little ones were "Meet mamma in heaven".  Funeral services were conducted by the writer at the home at 3:30 p.m., on the 28th, after which the remains were laid to rest in the Wyatt Cemetery.
                                                                    E. K. Smith 

Researching online, I found that Albert Norman Tucker was born 14 April 1876 in West Virginia, the son of James Phelps Tucker and his wife Alice J. (Huddleston) Tucker.  I was less successful finding out the parents and maiden name of Albert's wife Hattie, though several online references put her surname as Dorman.  

The birth year given as 1882 in the obituary does not agree with most online sources, which place it at 1883.  Disturbingly, those same sources give her date of death as 1921, which perhaps started off a a typographical error and was then copied by subsequent researchers.  The newspaper has a clear date of publication of December 12, 1911, and the person who submitted the obituary indicated that he was the person who conducted the funeral service, so 1911 seems the logical year of death, though the obituary may be wrong on the month and day.

In the 1910 Census, I found Albert and Hattie Tucker living with two children and Albert's brother-in-law, listed as Ernie L. Dorman, possibly Hattie's brother and possibly giving a clue to Hattie's maiden name.  I found some references to him, including the possibility that he was the William E. Dorman, who was living with parents John W. and Bettie A., in Cabin Creek, West Virginia, also in Kanawha County.  

So it's possible that Hattie's parents were also John W. and Bettie A. Dorman.   What's worrying me, though, is that this Ernest did not go by William E. Dorman on his WWI draft registration card - but rather by Earnest Dorman.

I searched online for information on E. K. Smith and found several references to him but none that gave his full name.  There was a fascinating reference in the Hopkinsville Kentuckian of June 25, 1901 in an article entitled "Can a Mason Go to Heaven?" to a Rev. E. K. Smith - wonder if it's the same one?  Here's the paragraph about him:

Rev. E. K. Smith, the only colored delegate, thought secret societies were wrong because they compelled a man to keep secrets from his wife, which was contrary to the Bible teachings.

Hopefully, readers will come to the rescue to clear up the mystery of Hattie's maiden name and parents and to give the complete name of Rev. E. K. Smith.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.

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