Friday, August 27, 2010

Photographs of Unidentified Families Who Emigrated to Canada - Do You Recognize Anyone?

While going through some old issues of the Canadian Geographical Journal, I found these photographs in an article about the non-British component of European immigrants to Canada, in the March, 1931 issue.

It would be a blast if you were to recognize one of the families shown below.  If so, please contact me!

 A Danish man and his wife and four children, who had just passed the Canadian  National Railway's Officer.  The people were going to the Maritime Provinces to settle.

The husband of this matron moved to Canada from Denmark two years ago.  He has made good and now the mother and seven fine children are seen on their way to Canada under the auspices of  the Canadian National Railways.

A group at the steamship office at Bremen, awaiting examination by Canadian officials to judge of their fitness as new Canadians.

Outside the steamship office at Warsaw.   These people are on their way to Danzig, where Canadian Government officers will give them their final inspection.

 A group of Finnish men and women on board a steamer leaving Gotenburg for Canada.

Recognize anyone?  If so, I hope you will contact me.

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