Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CDV of Ethel Waldron Orr of Harpswell, Maine, b. 1882

Carte de Visite of Ethel Waldron Orr, at age ten months; taken by A. O. Reed Studio in Brunswick, Maine.

Ethel Waldron Orr was born 30 December 1882 on Bailey's Island, in Harpswell, Maine, the daughter of Captain James Lewis Orr and his wife Mary Louise (Stover) Orr.  Her grandparents were Captain Sinnett Orr and wife Deborah (Merryman) Orr and Captain Lemuel Hinkley Stover and his wife Jane Johnson (Sinnett) Stover.

Ethel Waldron Orr married Orrin Linwood Johnson on 17 September 1907.   He was born 17 January 1876 in West Harpswell, Maine, the son of Sinnett Orr Johnson and Eliza Blake (Stover) Johnson.  Orrin's grandparents were Captain Isaac Johnson and his wife Mary (Hodgdon) Johnson and Theophilus Stover and his wife Margaret Curtis (Blake) Stover.

They had at least one child, a son.   They lived in Harpswell, Maine, at least up until the 1930 Census, which is the last record available to me to see online.

The surnames contained in the family tree of their son read like a who's who of the history of the Harpswell, Maine area: Orr, Johnson, Stover, Hodgdon, Blake, Merryman, Sinnett, with some of the surnames appearing multiple times.

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