Monday, August 23, 2010

CDV of Willis Adams, no studio imprint, no locale, but possibly Dixmont & South Thomaston, Maine

Carte de Visite identified as Willis Adams.  Sadly, no photographer's imprint or handwritten locale.  The card was purchased in Maine, which may be a clue or may be a red herring.

Since this CDV was found with some photographs of the Thomaston and Owls Head areas of Maine, it's possible that the young man pictured is Willis Adams, who was born in Maine in 1855 and lived in Dixmont and South Thomaston, Maine, until sometime before the 1920 Census when he was enumerated in Melrose, Massachusetts, and later in DeKalb, Georgia, in the 1930 Census.   

In the 1900 Census, a man by the name of John Q. Adams is listed as the father of Willis.  With this clue, I was able to find a John Q. Adams in Dixmont, Maine, in the 1870 Census, living with wife Abbie L. and children, including a Willis, whose age fits.  I don't know if Abbie L. was actually the mother of Willis.

In the 1880 Census, Willis, as yet unmarried, was living in South Thomaston, Maine, and gave his occupation as teacher.  In 1900, according to the Census, he was living in South Thomaston with his family and working as superintendent [I think - the writing is struck over] of a granite quarry in Spruce Head.  In the 1910 Census, he and his family were still living in South Thomaston,  and he was still at the granite quarry.  Then, as mentioned above, Willis, his wife Mary and daughter Helen moved sometime between 1910 an 1920 to Melrose, Massachusetts, where Willis gave his occupation as poultry farmer.  By the 1930 Census, Willis, Mary and Helen had moved to deKalb, Georgia to be with son Brainerd Lucas Adams and his family; Willis gave his occupation as farmer.

As yet, I haven't determined the maiden name or parents of Willis' wife Mary.   From Census information, I determined that they had at least two daughters and son, Brainerd Lucas Adams, mentioned above.  I found references online that Brainerd received his education at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine.  In the 1930 Census of DeKalb, Georgia, his occupation is given as insurance.  Daughter Helen was working as a bookkeeper in 1910 and at a hospital in 1920; in 1930 no occupation is given for her.  I lost track of daughter Marguerite after the 1910 Census.

Hopefully, someone familiar with other photos of  Willis Adams of Dixmont and South Thomaston, Maine, will contact me, yea or nay - hopefully yea - and provide additional information on the Adams family of Midcoast Maine.

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