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Handwritten Record of Family of Theophilus Hamlin of Augusta, Maine

A Maine woman has graciously forwarded this image of the handwritten record of the family of Theophilus and Sarah (Rockwood) Hamlin of Augusta, Maine.

I was able to find this family by researching online, though there were a few discrepancies in dates.  The dates on this record may be the correct ones in all instances, or the person recording the entries on this record may have been recalling at a distance in time and may have made a mistake or two.

According to this handwritten record:

Theophilus Hamlin was born 6 December 1765 and died 5 Apr 1842.  His wife Sarah (Rockwood) Hamlin was born 25 August 1764 and died 6 December 1826.

Their children were:
Sarah, born 31 March 1789; married Joseph Ladd of Augusta, Maine; their son Daniel Ladd  emigrated to Florida, where he became a very wealthy merchant.

John, born 13 Jan 1792; married Matilda Robinson of Mississippi; died 13 July 1849 in Florida

Hannah, born 17 Dec 1793; married Lory Bacon of Augusta, Maine

George, born 15 November 1795; died March 1834, Key West, Florida

Mary, born 29 July 1797; died 8 February 1816

Nathaniel, born 5 May 1799; married Amanda Robinson of Mississippi

Anna, born 31 May 1801; married Luther Severance of Augusta, Maine

Theophilus, born 28 May 1803; died 1 August 1824 in Florida

Weld, born 4 April 1805; died 17 February 1829 in Florida

Malvina, born 27 September 1807; married William L. Wheeler of Augusta, Maine.

The record continues with family of Luther and Anna (Hamlin) Severance:

Luther Severance, born 28 October 1797; married Anna Hamlin, daughter of Theophilus & Sarah (Rockwood) Hamlin on 12 October 1827; died 25 January 1855

Anna Hamlin, born 31 May 1801; married Luther Severance on 12 October 1827

Their Children:

Henry Weld Severance, born 12 July 1828; married Hannah Swann Child; "Now Lives in Honolulu, S.I."

Anna Severance, born 12 April 1831; married William Cooper Parke; "Now Lives in Honolulu, S.I."

Luther Severance, born 1 June 1836; "Now Lives in Honolulu, S.I."

Luther Severance was United States Commissioner to the Sandwich Islands from 1850 to 1854.  Taking into account the phrase: "Now Lives in Honolulu, S.I.", it is possible that this record was completed before 1854, unless the family stayed in the Sandwich Islands after Luther's Commission expired.  

From online research, I found that the parents of Theophilus Hamlin were Nathaniel and Sarah (Baker) Hamlin from Connecticut and Massachusetts; they married in Massachusetts and later moved to Maine.  

Sarah Rockwood was the daughter of John Rockwood of Massachusetts and his wife Hannah (Frost) Rockwood.  I believe that John died in Massachusetts but his widow Hannah died in Maine; whether she came to Maine after he died, or if he also had moved to Maine but then happened to die in Massachusetts - I don't know.

This has been a fascinating family to research.  If you have any corrections, comments or insights on any of the people discussed above, please pass them along.  

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