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1922 PC from Blanche in Massachusetts to Mrs. Ida Grant, New Sharon, Maine

1922 postcard showing a house, presumably in Massachusetts, sent by its owner, Blanche, to Mrs. Ida Grant, New Sharon, Maine.  The postmark location is hard to read, but perhaps it's West Medford, Massachusetts - see below.

Researching online, I found a Mrs. Ida Grant, married to Charles R. Grant, in the 1920 Census in Rome, Maine, which is close to New Sharon.  Whether or not, I have the correct Mrs. Ida Grant, I'm not sure.  If you feel I'm on the wrong track, I'd certainly appreciate hearing from you.

Ida E. Heselton of Augusta married Charles R. Grant of Augusta on 10 June 1893.  They had at least five children that I've been able to find, using the Censuses.  I haven't been able to learn Ida's parents as of yet, but I know she had a brother Frank, because he is living with them in 1920, after the death of his wife Ellen.  What happened to their children, shown on earlier censuses, I don't know.

Ida was born in Massachusetts in July of 1878 (though sometimes the year shown in the 1900 Census is off by a year).   Frank was also born in Massachusetts, in November of 1865.  I found a Frank R. Heselton born in Weston, Massachusetts on 25 December 1860, the son of Charles Clifford Heselton and his wife Lydia E. (Parsons) Heselton.  Perhaps there is a relationship there, an uncle possibly or perhaps they're even the same person, with some errors online, meaning that Charles and Lydia could be Ida's grandparents or parents.  

As for Charles R. Grant, I haven't been able to learn his parents either, though not from a lack of possibilities.  It's too common a name in Maine, I'm afraid.   There's a tempting choice of Charles R. Grant in the 1880 Census, born about 1872, the son of Leonard R. and Lydia H. Grant.   Lydia was married to an Austin before her marriage to Leonard R. Grant, as her son Edward H. Austin is living with the family.

And then there's the question of who Blanche is - I was hoping when I started this process to find Ida's parents and, et voila, another daughter named Blanche.  But I haven't been able to find Ida parents, so no luck in that regard.  Blanche might have been a dear friend who moved from Maine to Massachusetts or she might have been a friend or relative from Massachusetts, bearing in mind that Ida was born in Massachusetts.

Remember, the Mrs. Ida Grant in the postcard might not be Ida Heselton who married Charles R. Grant.   If you have any insights into the true identity of the Mrs. Ida Grant in  New Sharon, Maine in 1922 or of the sender Blanche, I would very much appreciate hearing from you.  If you feel I'm on the right track, please let me know that, too.

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  1. I have an Ida Heseltine (Heselton) from Kennebec county who was my 2nd cousin 4x removed. Born 1859 and died 1943.