Friday, February 4, 2022

Carte de Visite, purportedly of Susan (Perkins) Ricker Apt, "Geo. Perkins' sister; by a Boston studio; Native of Perry, Maine

Carte de Visite/CDV of an older woman identified in a more contemporary hand on the reverse as Susan Apt, the sister of George Perkins.  The image was taken at a studio at 140 Court Street in Boston, Massachusetts.

The identification appears very similar to the handwriting of Rachel Virginia (Golding) Pottle (1915-2013).
From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections requested:

There was a Susan Perkins (abt 1848-1906) with a brother George E. Perkins (abt 1855-1937), natives of Perry, Maine, and this woman did indeed marry, for her second husband, a John W. Apt (abt 1857-1927).  Her first husband was Benjamin Ricker (1844-1873).

However, this CDV seems to me to be of a woman born a generation earlier.  I'm interested to hear what readers think.  Was she the Susan Perkins above or was she perhaps misidentified?

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