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1878 letter from Joanna (Keen) Milliken in San Francisco, California, to her Cousin Gowin Wilson, Jr., in Columbia Falls, Maine

Note: This photocopy of a letter was sent to me as a bonus when I purchased an 1864 letter written to Gowin's daughter Frances Emily Wilson (abt 1848-1921) by her one-time schoolmate Edna Pope (1849-1865) at Washington Academy in East Machias, Maine.

1878 letter sent by Joanna (Keen) Milliken (1802-1888), widow of Seth Milliken, in San Francisco, California, to her cousin Gowin Wilson (1807-1883) in Columbia Falls, Maine.  Joanna's mother, Anna Wilson, was a sister to Gowen's father, also named Gowin Wilson.  

It's a friendly letter with mention of a money order gone wrong; apparently Gowin helped out his widowed cousin on occasion.
  • Joanna (Keen) Milliken (1802-1888), letter writer; widow of Seth Milliken (1796-1867), who, before his move to California, was postmaster at Montville, Maine. They married at Columbia, Maine, in 1824 or 1825, based on their Intention to Marry of November 24, 1824.
  • Gowin Wilson (1807-1883), letter recipient
  • Gowin's wife - Ann Eliza (Wass) Wilson (1812-1884)
  • Fanny - Frances Emily Wilson (abt 1848-1921) , daughter of Gowin Wilson and Ann Eliza (Wass) Wilson

If you have corrections on date or information to share on any of the people mentioned, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

Transcription, modified for clarify

San Francisco Sep 13 1878

Dear Cousin
Your kind letter was duly received with the Post office order and also one of the date of 26 of August most welcomely received by me. The post office order was presented but from some little defect in the signature the Post ___ note to the Postmaster at Machias. no fault of you. You in all probability you have been notified before this time as the Post master home often did to it immediately and money would be ready for me. I should have answered your letters before.
I not been not able to use my hand but have improved and am all right. Now we are having fine weather at San Francisco summer than in most summer. I am thinking how pleasant it would be to have your and your wife or Fanny to come and make us a visit. I would be perfectly delighted to see you. It seems hard I cannot see one of my one dear friends but I have often thought it was hard I not have the pleasure granted me to see one of you alike others people living home I will hope still on.  I am happy to receive a letter of you and am so much gratified in reading it over and over again. I hope to pay you for all your trouble. if thing is not right, please inform me. Please do write when you can oblige your Cousin. Please give my love to wife, daughters.
Joan Milliken

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