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1908 letter from Walter E. Libby (1871-1934) at Logging Camp in Edmunds, Maine, near Dennysville; to sister-in-law Lucie (Mack) Libby in Deblois, Maine

1908 letter postmarked February 3 at 7pm at Dennysville, Maine, from Walter E. Libby (1871-1934) to, presumably, his sister-in-law Lucie C. (Mack) Libby (1885-1957), wife of his brother George Everett Libby (1881-1943), in Deblois, Maine. 

Note: George's gravestone gives his year of birth as 1885, but other records - birth, WWI Draft Registration card, etc. - give his year of birth as 1881.

Walter was working in a lumber camp, presumably in or near Edmunds, Maine.  Dennysville would have been the nearest post office.


Transcription at the end of this post - if you have corrections and/or information to share, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.


Edmonds, Feb 2, 1908
Dear Lucie
I will now try and answer your letter. We have some Snow here at last. I have been hauling logs three days. Harry went up home last night. I have  white horse and a black one. We have got seven Horses in here now and we had 26 men here, but Harry sent one Home and 9 more followed them.

I had a pretty bad foot last week. I had a lot fall on it but it is better now. Harry tells me that Birt wanted to come back. He did not make much by staying at home. How is Father's hand getting along?  I suppose ____ [George ?] makes things lively for you people now. Well, I must close for this time. Hoping to hear from you soon.

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