Saturday, January 30, 2021

1898 Letter in Birchbark Envelope from Mattie in Hartland, Maine, to Lizzie A. Linn in South Boston, Massachusetts

August 1898 letter from Mattie in Hartland, Maine, to Miss Lizzie A. Linn at Head House, City Point in South Boston, Massachusetts.  Lizzie was also from Hartland, Maine.

Read about the ornate City Point Head House, constructed about 1897, here. Presumably Lizzie was working or visiting there.

Elizabeth A. Linn (1879-1973), "Lizzie", was the daughter of William A. Linn and Luella Hannah (Green) Linn of Hartland, Maine. 

Interestingly, the 1880 Census shows a William Linn, wife Emma and daughter Lizzie A. Fuller. Was Emma Ella? Was Lizzie the daughter or adopted daughter of William and Emma/Ella? There was a Fuller connection to the larger Linn family, as a genealogy of the the Linn family of Hartland, Maine, shows. 

This genealogy contains a section describing Lizzie's immediate family and a family photograph.  Another photograph and short bio of Lizzie appear on the website of the Hartland Historical Society - mentioning that she was active in the suffragist movement in Hartland - you'll have to scroll down a bit more than halfway.

Lizzie would return to Hartland, Maine, by 1900 and spend the rest of her life there. 

Perhaps a reader will weigh in with the identity of Mattie.

In the letter, Mattie talks about:

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