Tuesday, January 5, 2021

1810 Document, Nobleboro, Maine: Selectmen Dennis, Flint & Hatch ask Town Treasurer Abner Plummer to pay Teacher Eliphalet Reed

1810 document where the Selectmen of Nobleboro, Maine, direct town treasurer Abner Plummer to pay Eliphalet Reed, teacher of the school in District 4, the sum of Sixteen Dollars and fifty six cents.

Selectmen: David Dennis; Ebenezer Flint; Jonathan Hatch 

Eliphalet Reed - Teacher in 1810

David Dennis, Selectman - perhaps David Dennis (abt 1750-1843) or his son David Dennis (abt 1788-1871)

Ebenezer Flint, Selectman - perhaps Ebenezer Flint (1776-1838)

Jonathan Hatch, Selectman - perhaps Jonathan Hatch (abt 1769-1857) - newspaper article from 1982 on the Hatch family that settled the Nobleboro area

Abner Plummer, Town Treasurer - perhaps Abner Plumer or Plummer (abt 1772 - 1830)

If you have information on any of these men, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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