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1871-1890 Ledger; possibly of Nathan King (1804-1883) and then his son Nathan Dyer King (1842-1933) of East Lamoine, Maine; many names of People and Vessels

1871- 1890 ledger, measuring approximately 6" by 4", that appears to from the area of Lamoine, Maine, as many of the names in the ledger match names buried in area cemeteries.  

The ledger may have belonged to Nathan King (1804-1883) of East Lamoine, Maine, and then his son Nathan Dyer King (1842-1933).

In addition to mention of provisions and a farm, the ledger also mentions Rockland, the Hancock House and implies a partnership of men in various coastal trading vessels. Some mentioned:
  • Schooner Corabell or Carobell; 1872; 1873; 1884
  • Schooner Hattie White; 1873
  • Schooner ? Mononegan; 1878
  • Trailing Sails of Ellsworth, Captain John B. Linscott
  • Schooner Scud; 1880:1883.  
  • Schooner Lamoine (sailed for Ponce on April 27, 1883)

The right page below, in the lower right corner, mentions the sail of the Lamoine to Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Surnames in the Ledger - many are mentioned multiple times. I may have misread some of the names or they may have been spelled in variant ways.


The first end paper in the ledger has the names E. L. Higgins and Nathan King, East Lamoine, Maine. It may have been Nathan King who owned the ledger, but I'm not sure.

Names in the Album - some names may have been misinterpreted

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