Sunday, January 10, 2021

1876 Kittery, Maine, Document where George H. R. Marden is Requesting a Load of Refuse Wood of Mr. Gerrish

December 13, 1876 Kittery, Maine, document where George H. R. Marden states that he entirely out of wood and is requesting a load of refuse wood from Mr. Gerrish, specifically the refuse wood that is by the swamp on the way to the island.

Marden states that he will supply a team toward the effort, and he says that Mr. Mitchell can oversee. 

Mitchell may be the L. D. M. mentioned on the reverse; perhaps Lorenzo D. Mitchell (1820-1896).
George H. R. Marden may have been George H. Marden (1822-1881), a New Hampshire native, living at Kittery Point, Maine during the time frame of the document. Mr. Gerrish was perhaps businessman Robert Follett Gerrish (1815-1882) or a member of his family.

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