Tuesday, December 1, 2020

CDV of Helen Hinkley Leonard and Mildred G. Leonard of Deer Island, New Brunswick, and Worcester, Massachusetts

CDV taken at the Loring studio in Eastport, Maine, of siblings Mildred G. Leonard (1877-1892) and Helen Hinkley Leonard (1885-), "Nellie", who lived a short sail across Passamaquoddy Bay from Eastport in the village of Fairhaven on Deer Island in New Brunswick.

They were the children of Henry H. Leonard and Ella or Ellen J. (Sullivan) Leonard, who moved their family to Worcester, Massachusetts, in the early 1890s.  

Sadly, Mildred died at the age of 5 in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Nellie married Charles Lemoyne Burleigh in 1914.

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