Friday, December 4, 2020

1948 8th Grade Publication "The Maple Leaf", Maple Street School at Rockville, Vernon, Connecticut

1948 8th grade students' publication "The Maple Leaf"; from Maple Street School in Rockville, Vernon, Connecticut.  

With covers measuring 12" by 9" and interior sheets measuring 8-1/2" by 11", it's a bit too large for my scanner, but I believe all the text made it into the scans.  It's mimeographed and quite faded. 

The last page contains students' autographs.

The pages:
Dedication page: dedicated to coaches Ramsdell and Mattson.
Editorial Staff
John Murphy, Editor
Roger Martin, Assistant Editor
Wilbur Hany, Art Editor
Janice Goodwin, Art Editor
Ralph Jackson, Joke Editor
Raymond Berriault, Joke Editor
Ronald Frey, Business Manager
Rudolph Hany, Business Manager
Ronald Badsteubner, Boys' Sports
Janet kibbe, Girls' Sports

Many more names

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