Tuesday, December 15, 2020

School Notebook of Pearl Starrett, possibly from Maine

Vintage school notebook of Pearl Starrett, possibly from Maine, where the notebook was acquired not long ago.

Pearl also wrote her name on the back cover. Sadly, she didn't include any dates in the notebook.

If Pearl was indeed from Maine, there are at least two possibilities:
  • Pearl Viva Starret (1885-1922), a native of Eddington, Maine, who would marry Emery D. Mank. She is buried in Warren, Maine. It appears that this Pearl died just a month after her marriage.
  • Pearl Augusta Starrett (1885-1956), a native of China, Maine, who would marry Cony Norman Webber. She is buried in China, Maine.
Perhaps a reader will recognize Pearl's handwriting, though it may have evolved into Pearl's adulthood.

A few sample pages:

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