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"White Family Quarterly", Volume 1, Number 1, January 1903; for Descendants of John White of Wenham and Lancaster, Massachusetts

Charter issue of the "White Family Quarterly, An Illustrated Magazine Devoted to the interests of the Descendants of John White of Wenham and Lancaster, Mass."; Volume 1, January 1903, Number 1.  Edited by Almira Larkin White.

Measures approximately 9-1/4" by 6" and contains 35 numbered pages, with a frontispiece photograph of Horace White; J. B. White; W. V. White and B. A. White at Redemption Rock in 1902.

Interestingly, the first three volumes of this periodical are digitized at, in what appears to be a book format.  There are subtle differences between their Volume 1, Number 1 and the sole issue featured here.

"Upon This Rock May 2nd 1676 Was Made the Agreement For The Ransom Of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson Of Lancaster Between the Indians and John Hoar Of Concord.  King Philip Was With The Indians But Refused His Consent".

Table of Contents:

  • Report of the Seventh Reunion, 1902, including a list of the names of over 150 attendees from Massachusetts, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio, New York, and West Virginia.  Pages 1-7.  Image of page 1 below:

  • Report of David White Association, Branch One; reunion held at the home Mr. David Henry White at Grand Valley, Pennsylvania, on August 9, 1902, election of officers, named.  Pages 7 and 8
  • Corrections and Additions, many names of members of the White and related families.  This large section relates presumably to the voluminous first and second volumes of White family genealogy prepared by Myra L. White of Haverhill, Massachusetts.  The corrections represent corrections in dates, places, occupations, spouses, etc, in the two volumes already published, with page and line information.  The additions represent people either missed in the first two volumes; born since the publication of the second; or additional information on the lives of people mentioned in the earlier volumes.  If you have the third volume of her work, you perhaps already have the corrections and additions mentioned here.  Pages 8-20.  Image of page 20 below
  • "English Records [Copies by Rev. John Holding, Stotfold, Baldock, Herts. Eng. for Mr. J. B. White, Kansas City, Mo.]", pages 21-23.  Image of page 21, below

  • Whites from Everywhere, pages 24-26.  Images of pages 24 and 25 below; image of page 26 farther below:

  • Deaths, pages 26-31.  Images of pages 26 to 29 immediately below and pages 30 and 31 farther below:

Abbreviated information:
  • Rev. Eldad Holmes Rowlandson; died at Brooklyn, New York on August 15, 1900.  Clergyman in the Methodist Church; established first order of the Cadets of Temperance and prominent in the Sons of Temperance and Good Templars.  Pages 26 and 27
  • Dr. Charles Kendall Adams, died July 26, 1902 at Redlands, California.  Born at Derby, Vermont, on January 4, 1835; educated at University of Michigan; president of Cornell University and University of Wisconsin; author.  Page 27
  • Mrs. Betsey Bertha (Lee) Brigham White, third wife of Tarbel H. White; died at Lynn, Massachusetts in August 1902.  Born at West Boylston, Massachusetts on December 15, 1822, daughter of Benjamin Lee and Eunice (Lesure) Lee.  Her first husband was Stephen B. Brigham, who died in 1856.  Page 27
  • Dr. John Lane White, died at Bloomington, Illinois on May 14, 1902.  Graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1854; physician at Massachusetts General Hospital; moved to Bloomington, Illinois; served 30 years as surgeon for Chicago & Alton and Illinois railroads, in the Illinois legislature and as a banker and Mason.  Pages 27 and 28
  • Henry Knox Baker, Judge, died June 28, 1902 at Hallowell, Maine.   Born at Canaan (now Skowhegan), Maine on December 2, 1806.  Editor of Hallowell Gazette, then American Advocate and Free Press; then pursued a career in the law; served in the Maine legislature; a judge for many years; prominent citizen of Hallowell, Maine. "He was especially noted for his liberality in the matter of widows' allowances."  Pages 28 and 29
  • Mrs. Almira Frances (Rand) Leavitt, wife of John F. Leavitt and daughter of Sherburne W. Rand and Laura S. (White) Rand; died at Portsmouth, New Hampshire on August 2, 1902.  Although frail herself, she was the only child out of 9 who survived beyond the age of 21.  Very devoted to White family and reunions.  Pages 29 and 30
  • Mrs. May Whitney (White) Gilman, daughter of Timothy F. White and Irene (Hodsdon) White and wife of Gardner S. Gilman; died at Lowell, Massachusetts, on September 25, 1902.  Born at Moultonborough, New Hampshire, on December 16, 1849.  Lived at Lowell, Massachusetts, and for brief times at Laconia and Belmont, New Hampshire.  Invalid for many years.  Page 30
  • Mrs. Clarissa P. (Lake) White [printed in error as Claissa], wife of Horace White; died at Richville, New York, on April 28, 1902.  Page 30
  • Mrs. Wealthy H. (Shepard) Cooley, died May 13, 1902.  Page 30
  • Mrs. Louisa (Russell) Hutt, wife of Jeremiah Hutt; died at Clinton, Massachusetts on September 15, 1902.  Page 31
  • Rufus B. Carter, husband of Melinda Hutt; died at Leominster, Massachusetts on November 26, 1901.  Page 31
  • J. Curtis Whitcomb; died at Leominster, Massachusetts, on March 1, 1900.  Page 31
  • Mrs. Clara E. (Gowing) Bixby, wife of Byron R. Bixby; died in North Charlestown, New Hampshire, on November 22, 1902.  Page 31
  • Mrs. Rosann (Wilder) Beaman, wife of Eri B. Beaman; died in Laconia, New Hampshire, on January 6, 1902.  Page 31

  • Queries, pages 31-34.  Image of page 31 above, and pages 32 and 33 below, followed by abbreviated text, followed by an image of page 34

  • John White, born in Leominster in 1742; had nine children and seventeen grandchildren; soldier in Revolution; name of his wife wanted.  Page 31
  • Samuel White, soldier in the Revolution; born in Leominster in 1744; married there on April 22, 1773 to Hannah Platts; had Diadama, born in Leominster on February 6, 1774.  In 1806 he had ten children and fourteen grandchildren.  Page 31
  • Abijah White; soldier in Revolution; born in Leominster in 1751.  In 1802 he was living in Rockingham or Springfield, Vermont, with wife Polly or Mary, where he left two children buried in the "Old Parker Burying-ground", at Springfield.  In 1806 he had nine children and four grandchildren.  Page 31
  • Susannah White, born in Leominister in 1750; married Richard Prouty; and in 1806 had fourteen children and twenty-six grandchildren.  Pages 31 and 32
  • Ruth White, born in Leominister in 1753; married Ephraim Knopleh ?; in 1806 had twelve children and sixteen grandchildren.  Page 32
  • Asa White, born in Leominister in 1755, moved with his father to Charlestown, New Hampshire and later to Rockingham, Vermont, where he was a soldier in the Revolution.  Married Jane Arwin on September 11, 1776.  He died August 27, 1781; and Jane married Isaac Stearns.  Asa and Jane's daughter Lovice White married at Rockingham on September 3, 1798 to Elijah Bellows, son of Ezra and Ruth Bellows.  Lovice had two children: Quartus Bellows, a sailor at New Bedford, Massachusetts; and Eveline Bellows.  Page 32
  • Jonathan White, Jr., born in Lancaster, Massachusetts in the part now known as Leominister, on March 12, 1740; soldier in the Revolution; graduated Harvard; married Rebecca Rogers, daughter of Nathaniel Rogers, on June 1, 1768.  The query wonders if Jonathan studied medicine and moved to Vermont.  Page 32
  • Nathaniel White, Jr., baptized at Lancaster on August 9, 1752; married Esther Brooks, daughter of Capt. Nathaniel Brooks and Esther (Wyman) Brooks, on September 12, 1776; knowledge about Nathaniel and Esther wanted.  Page 32
  • Ephraim White, son of Nathaniel White and Lydia (Phelps) White, baptized at Lancaster, Massachusetts on April 19, 1761; married Elizabeth Phelps of Lancaster, on December 27 [or 23] 1784; children mentioned in will: Melinda; Clarissa; Washington; Warren and Bradford.  Wanted: knowledge of them or their descendants.  Page 33
  • John White of Brookfield, Massachusetts and Prudence Hayward of Concord, Massachusetts, were married in Concord, November 26, 1707.  His children: John White, Jr.; born in Concord on July 3, 1708; Cornelius White, born in Concord on January 29, 1710-11, after the death of his father, who was killed by Indians at Brookfield on July 24, 1710.  Wanted, the ancestry of John White of Brookfield.  Page 33
  • John White married in Keene, New Hampshire, November 29, 1771 to Hannah Merrill.  They lived in Keene where eight of their eleven children were born, and later in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, where he died in 1808, age 69.  Who were his parents, and where was he born?  Page 33
  • From an old newspaper of February 4, 1804, I find the death of John White, of Westmoreland, aged 40.  Who were his parents, and did he leave a family?  Page 33
  • Nathaniel Whitcomb, born in Leominister, Massachusetts, about 1747; married in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, November 7, 1771 to Lucy White.  Who were her parents, and where was she born?  Page 33
  • Wanted, the maiden name and ancestry of the following:  Elizabeth, wife of James Stewart of Newbury in 1688-90; of Mehitable, wife of Charles Stewart, of Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, in 1712; she from the church of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Page 33
  • Mary, wife of Thomas Chamberlain, of Woburn, Massachusetts, 1644.  Page 33
  • The wife of Samuel Chamberlain, Sen., of Woburn, in 1685.  Page 34
  • Susanna, wife of Ezekiel Richardson of Charlestown, 1635.  Page 34
  • Anna, wife of Benjamin Butterfield of Charlestown, 1638; Woburn, 1643; Chelmsford, 1656.  Page 34
  • Sarah, wife of Benjamin Butterfield of Chelmsford, 1701.  Page 34
  • Sarah, who married before 1634, ___ Pellet, had one son, Thomas Pellet, of Concord; married second before 1639, William Underwood of Concord and Chelmsford, Massachusetts.  Page 34
  • Mary , wife of Lieut. Thomas Adams, who removed from Braintree to Concord in 1643-5-6, in 1653 to Chelmsford, Massachusetts.  Page 34
  • Ruth, wife of Pelatiah Adams, born in Concord, 6-1-1646; settled in Chelmsford, where he died about 1717.  Page 34 
  • Violet, wife of Arthur Came, of York, Maine 1670.  Page 34
  • Hannah (?), wife of Thomas Sawyer, Jr., married in Lancaster, December 21, 1672 (wife's name not given).  Was she daughter of William Lewis, born 1649?  Page 34
  • Hannah, wife of John Wilder, married in Lancaster, July 17, 1672 (wife's name not given).  Was she daughter of James Atherton, Sen., born 1657?  Page 34

  • Afterword by editor Miss Myra L. White, 8 Kenoza Avenue, Haverhill, Massachusetts.  See image on page 35 above.
  • Inside back cover advertisement for a volume entitled Descendants of John Walker, written by Emma Siggens White, and offered for sale by Mrs. J. B. White of 616 East 36th Street, Kansas City, Missouri.  Image below:
  • Inside back cover advertisement for the first and second volumes of the a genealogy of the Descendants of John White offered by Myra L. White of 8 Kenoza Avenue, Haverhill, Massachusetts.  Image below:

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