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1850+ Bible of the Spinney Family of Eliot, Maine & Descendants

Bible at one time owned by Hermon G. Spinney, son of Samuel H. Spinney and Susan (Pettigrew) Spinney of Eliot, Maine.  The Bible may have belonged to Hermon's parents before it passed into his care.

The Bible, which measures approximately 11-3/4" by 9-1/2" by about 1-1/2", was published in 1850 by Merriam, Moore & Co. of Troy, New York.

Many of the entries concern people born in the 20th century, and I won't show them here; contact me for a look up.

Surnames include:

F*elli ?Pettigrew

Unless there's a page or more missing, there are no entries for the births of Samuel H. Spinney, his wives Ann M. (Kennison) and Susan (Pettigrew) Spinney or Samuel's children Emma (Spinney) Wherren; Willard H. Spinney; Howard E. Spinney; or the aforementioned Hermon G. Spinney, or their wives.

Deaths, above
  • Ann M. Spinney died July 29, 1853.  She was Ann M. (Kennison) Spinney, first wife of Samuel H. Spinney
  • Olive Lewis died August 9, 1855.  She was Olive (Spinney) Lewis, sister of Samuel H. Spinney and wife of Enoch Lewis
  • Samuel H. Spinney died March 6, 1901
  • Susan A. Spinney died November 9, 1901; Susan A. (Pettigrew) Spinney, second wife of Samuel H. Spinney
  • Emma Spinney Wherren died - no further entry.  She was Emma (Spinney) Wherren, daughter of Samuel H. Spinney and first wife Ann M. (Kennison) Spinney, and wife of James W. Wherren
  • Annie Belle Spinney died August 3, 1931.  She was Annie Belle (Foster) Spinney, wife of Willard H. Spinney
  • Willard H. Spinney died August 21, 1946.  He was the son of Samuel H. Spinney and second wife Susan (Pettigrew) Spinney
  • Herman G. Spinney, November 30, 1949.  He was the son of Samuel H. Spinney and second wife Susan (Pettigrew) Spinney.
  • Robert Howard Hubbard, oldest son of Charles Hubbard and Esther Marsh Spinney died January 31, 1966; born Eliot, Maine, January 23, 1909.  Great grandson of Samuel H. Spinney and second wife Susan (Pettigrew) Spinney. 
  • Samuel Spinney Died September 17, 1846.  Father of Samuel H. Spinney
  • Alice (Knight) Spinney died [no date given].  Second wife of Herman G. Spinney
  • Prentice Foster died December 12, 1941; nephew of Annie Belle (Foster) Spinney
  • Leon P. Spinney died December 4, 1969

On another page with more contemporary information on the top in a different ink is this section at the bottom, which mentions the marriages of:
  • Prentice Foster, "the last Foster of his line" and his marriages to 1) Laura Rowe and 2) Janet Delano 
  • Leon P. Spinney and his marriage to Olga S. Steindahl on October 13, 1917 at Eliot, Maine.
Again, much of the information deals with people born toward the middle of the 20th century, and I won't show that information here.  

Tucked in the album is the calling card of Mrs. and Mrs. Samuel H. Spinney, with their names, Samuel H. Spinney and Susan M. Pettigrew also listed.  Was Susan M. Pettigrew the Susan A. (Pettigrew) Spinney whose death is listed above?   Notice the fingerprints!

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, or if you'd like me check one of the more contemporary entries for you, please leave a comment or contact me directly.


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