Friday, July 7, 2017

Programs of Entertainment, Presumably HalfMoon Valley, Pennsylvania, Area: Miss Yerkes; Peak Sisters; Mr. Colclesser; Miss Kittelberger ; Miss Bunker

Above, one-page program of Entertainment at the Baptist Church, Tuesday Evening, September 8.  Found tucked in the Bible of John Richards and M. Sarah (Swires) Richards of Half Moon Valley, or Halfmoon Valley, Pennsylvania and Descendants.

  • Miss Yerkes of Philadelphia, elocutionist
  • Soprano and Tenor Soloists from Altoona, Pennsylvania
  • The Celebrated Peak Sisters
It's possible that another program, shown below, found elsewhere in the same Bible, might be a companion to this program or for a different event.  If the same event, I wonder why Miss Yerkes wasn't identified as the person performing the recitations.

  • Miss Kittelberger
  • Mr. Colclesser
  • Miss Bunker
Interestingly, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Marriage Index,1885-1951 shows that an Adie Colclesser married Catharine Rebecca Yerkes at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1893.   Adie (1854-1915) and Catharine (1865-1943) are buried in the Carson Valley Cemetery at Duncansville, Pennsylvania.

If you have information on any of the performers, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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