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1906 Program for Dedication, Third United Presbyterian Church, New Castle, Pennsylvania

Program for Dedication, December 16, 1906; Third United Presbyterian Church, Cor. Pittsburg and Beckford Streets, New Castle, Pennsylvania.  J. Elmer Campbell, Pastor

Composed of one piece of paper approximately "11-1/4" by 6"; then folded once.

This program was found in the Bible of Thomas Berry and Eliza Jane (McNair) Berry of the New Castle, Pennsylvania, area.  Thomas died in 1867 and Eliza in 1901.  No other people are mentioned in the Bible, but Eliza must have passed it on to someone who tucked in this program and other items that date from after her death.

Pane 3 of the program gives the dates of services from December 17 to December 23.

Names included, in the order in which they appear:
  • J. Elmer Campbell, Pastor of Third United Presbyterial Church
  • Rev. John A. Wilson, D.D. - twice mentioned
  • Mrs. Ethel Dobbs
  • Rev. D. R. Miller, D.D., Editor of United Presbyterian
  • Rev. J. S. Wilson, Prospect, Pennsylvania
  • Rev. L. K. Peacock, Sharon, Pennsylvania
  • Rev. A. R. Van Fossen, D.D., East End, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Rev. J. W. Gealey, New Bedford, Pennsylvania
  • Rev. David Reed Miller, D.D., Oakmont, Pennsylvania; perhaps the Rev. D. R. Miller noted above
  • W. J. Kildoo
  • W. S. Taylor
  • George Dunn

If you have information on any of the people mentioned in this program, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Notice the location of the Third Presbyterian Church in a current map.

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