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Bible of Elias Taylor & Lucy W. (Butler or Butters) Taylor of Sidney, Maine & Bingham, Maine, & their Descendants through Spofford and Corson

Bible of Elias Taylor and Lucy W. (Butters or Butler) Taylor of Sidney, Maine, and Bingham, Maine, and their Descendants through daughters Phebe A. Taylor who married Josiah Spofford; and Mary E. Taylor, who married LaForrest or Forrest R. Corson.

Sadly, no mementos were tucked in the Bible, at least by the time that it passed into my hands.

Note:  Bibles were an expensive purchase for folks of average means.  Sometimes a Bible would be acquired after the family had long been established.  Consequently, some or all of the entries might not have been written at the time the event occurred, nor even by someone who was there at the time.  Use the information below as a guide, not necessarily as definitive proof.

An online tree indicates that Lucy was Lucy W. Butler, born at Sidney, Maine, daughter of Stephen Butler and Sarah L. (Hammond) Butler, but I couldn't find records of that.  Please leave a comment or contact me directly if you have definitive information.

The Bible was published by John Holbrook at Brattleboro, Vermont, and stereotyped by B & J Collins of New York.  I didn't find a date, but I'd say it's from early to mid nineteenth century.

The marriages page is blank, save for a faint pencil entry, where I can make out the word Corson.

Births and Deaths are combined on one page.  There are entries for Elias Taylor; wife Lucy W. Taylor; their eleven children; and two children of their daughter Phebe A. (Taylor) Spofford and husband Josiah Spofford.  Another page lists the children of daughter Mary E. (Taylor) Corson and husband Forrest R. Corson of Solon, Maine.

Entries above:
  • Elias Taylor, born January 24, 1819; died December 25, 1891
  • Lucy W. Taylor, born January 17, 1820
  • Sara B. Taylor, born April 9, 1841
  • George E. Taylor, born September 14, 1842
  • Phebe A. Taylor, born February 23, 1844
  • James F. Taylor, born November 5, 1845
  • John E. Taylor, born February 1, 1848
  • Joel E. Taylor, born September 26, 1850; died March 19, 1862
  • Charles W. Taylor, born April 2, 1852
  • Nancie M. Taylor, born July 18, 1854; died March 9, 1862
  • Sophia W. Taylor, born August 15, 1857
  • Mary E. Taylor, born April 29, 1860
  • Joseph Austin Taylor, born July 9, 1862
  • Josephine A. Spofford, daughter of Josiah Spofford and Phebe A. (Taylor) Spofford; born March 13, 1866
  • Georgie E. Spofford, son of Josiah Spofford and Phebe A. (Taylor) Spofford; born August 21, 1868

The page listing the children of Mary E. (Taylor) Corson and Forrest R. Corson [whose name may properly have been LaForrest R. Corson] of Solon, Maine:

Entries above:
  • Edward F. Corson, born January 9, 1879
  • Leah V. Corson, born May 9, 1881
  • Austin F. Corson, born August 3, 1882
  • Ralph D. Corson, born February 4, 1886
  • Charles F. Corson, born March 16, 1887
  • Alston G. Corson, born July 29, 1888
  • Lucie M. Corson, born August 27, 1892 [though last digit is indistinct]; died September 1943
  • Forrest R. Corson died November 8th, 1905 at 8 A.M.
  • Mary Taylor Corson died October 13, 1932

If your records differ from those above, or if you have additional information on any of the people mentioned here, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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  1. Tank you for posting this. Elias and Lucy Taylor were my GG Grandparents. My Great Grandfather was Forest (Laforest) Corson. My tree is on Ancestry and public (Lundy Family Tree).