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1817 Account Book of S. Blanchard of East Braintree, Vermont

1817 handmade account book of S. Blanchard of, I think, East Braintree, Vermont.  It was sold to me as Massachusetts, but I believe it's Vermont.  

There was a Sewell Blanchard in the area; in fact, one page from the other end of the book is headed by the name Sewall Blanchard.  The name E. E. Claflin is also written.

The page above appears on what I took for the last page of the book, but perhaps it's the first.  Someone else may have started again from the other end of the book, which has more entries.

The book measures approximately 7-1/4" x 6-1/2"; most of the pages are unused.

An interesting page has the names of Capt. A. Blanchard and E. F. Claflin, Secretary.

Below, the first page from what I initially took was the beginning of the book, but might be the end, or perhaps the beginning of someone else's records.  It mentions Elisha Smith, whose names appears on other pages as well.

The next handwritten page contains the account of Shubael Collins from November to December 1817.  His name appears on a few other pages as well, his given name variously spelled.

The name on the page below looks something like Charles Archiuas.

Several pages have the heading of an Elijah Giers or Geers or ?, presumably the same man; perhaps Elijah Geer.

The 14 names, though some might be repeats, that appear in the book in alphabetical order:

  • Charles Archiuas; not sure of surname
  • A. Blanchard of East Braintree; perhaps Amasa Blanchard (1792-1887)
  • Sewall Blanchard; perhaps Sewell Blanchard (1800-1871)
  • S. Blanchard; perhaps Sewell Blanchard
  • E. F. Claflin
  • E. E. Claflin
  • Shubael Collins
  • Henry Currier
  • Gideon Dailey
  • Elijah Geer; not sure of name
  • Jonah Loomis
  • Mr. Quit; not sure if this is a name, though it does head up a page
  • Elisha Smith
  • Moses Wood; not sure of given name

If you recognize any of the names and might be able to place the account book in context, or if you believe the account book comes from East Braintree, Massachusetts, or other place, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

East Braintree, Vermont

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