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1913 Commencement Issue of The Signet of Dexter High School at Dexter, Maine

1913 commencement issue of "The Signet", published at Dexter High School, Dexter, Maine.  No. 28.

[See another post that features the 1914 Commencement issue of the Signet.]

The issue measures approximately 11-1/2" x 8-1/2" and contains 44 pages of text, photographs and advertisements.

This issue of the Signet, which is primarily a literary publication, features a photograph of the graduates, the track team and Mr. Haskell.  It contains the names of the current students at Dexter High School, as well as three pages on the doings of previous graduates.

The graduates:

A program for the commencement is included and lists the names of the students participating.

Names on the page above:
  • Rev. W. Y. Morrison, prayer
  • Ina Veth Stone, Salutatory, "Excelling in Something"
  • Helen Isabelle Foss, Class History
  • Clarence Henry Crosby, Oration, "Woodrow Wilson"
  • Attalena Atkins, Class Prophecy
  • Madeline Daggett, Essay, "Jane Addams
  • Gladys Louise Hutchinson and Harvey LeRoy Haskell, Presentation of Gifts
  • Helen Orena Additon, Valedictory, "Semper Paratus"
  • Imogen Abbott, author of Class Ode
  • Rev. Stanley Gates Spear, Benediction

The track team:

Mr. Haskell:

The Signet staff:

Names on the page above:
Clarence H. Crosby, Editor-in-Chief
Howard B. Widdoes, Assistant Editor
Veth I. Stone, Literary Editor
Marguerite C. Roberts, Literary Editor
Attalena Atkins, Alumni Editor
Imogen Abbott, Alumni Editor
Helen I. Foss, Local Editor
Paul M. Carver, Local Editor
Gladys L. Hutchinson, Personal Editor
Madeline Daggett, Exchange Editor
Harold H. Sampson, Athletic Editor
Clarence H. Rowe, Business Manager
E. Clifford Call, Assistant Manager 

Senior Class
Imogen Abbott
Helen Additon
Attalena Atkins
Clarence Crosby
Paul Carver
Madeline Daggett
Helen Foss
LeRoy Haskell
Gladys Hutchinson
Lois Knowles
Gladys Martin
Eva Mountain
Westley Richards
Clarence Rowe
Marguerite Roberts
Harold Sampson
Veth Stone
Virgil Widdoes
Post Graduate
George Colbath

Junior Class (not in alphabetical order)
Howard Widdoes
Carl Gordon
Harlow Mosher
Lawrence Bailey
Clifford Call
Joseph Rand
Fern Ross
Marion DuBourdieu
Maybelle Haines
Marjorie Parker
Mabel Tario
Gladys York
Carrie Holt
Mabel Jewett
Doris Nichols
Erma Brockway
Marion Folsom
Fred Harris
Edith Crawford
Marion Weymouth

Sophomore Class
Helen Bessey
Hazel Bennett
Marguerite Bertrand
Annie Boyd
Carroll Folsom
Marjorie Foss
Herbert Gates
Ruth Hollis
Benjamin Larrabee
Bernard Marsh
Mildred Mitchell
Grace Murphy
Garnet Murray
Evelyn Park
Orin Parkman
Ava Penley
Mildred Rowe
Ellsworth Robinson
Donald Rowell
Mellba Salley
Marion Smart
Doris Shepherd
Elwood Stevens
Rufus Tillson
Lucy Thombs
Reynold Thompson
Ruth Towle
Stanley Weymouth
Sybil Weymouth
Elden Wilkins
Welma Wilkins
Phyllis Wright

Freshman Class
Jere Abbott
Luetta Bailey
Alice Beede
Walter Bement
Harold Bragdon
Velma Briggs
Grace Crocker
Harold Curtis
Douglas Dow
John Dyer
Vincent Dyer
Edward Ellms
Bailey French
Arthur Gatchell
Everett Gatchell
Agnes Gould
Earl Griffin
Harold Hatch
Lloyd Hatch
Ruth Hall
Winnifred Hill
Weston Howard
Earold Jewett
Ruth Killman
Stanley Martin
Clifford Park
Ralph Parkman
Roy Pomroy
Lawrence Rhoades
Thomas Rowell
Charles Russell
Myra Sevey
Hazel Shaw
June Turner
Helena Twombly
Ralph Weymouth
Lawrence Weymouth
Roy Wheeler
Alice Wilder

To see the issue in its entirety, click here.

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