Monday, November 29, 2010

Photograph of Annie Walshaw, perhaps dau. of Thomas & Clara (Culverhouse) Walshaw

Photograph of a young woman identified on reverse as Annie Walshaw.  The photographer's imprint is very faint on lower right front, but I believe I can make out Natick, Massachusetts.

The identification on the reverse, above, reads: Annie S. Walshaw, Central Street, Saxonville.   Saxonville was the name of a village in Framingham, Massachusetts, which is next to Natick.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Annie S. Walshaw was born about 1880 in Massachusetts, the daughter of Thomas and Clara Mae (Culverhouse) Walshaw.  Her paternal grandparents were William and Selena Walshaw of Yorkshire, England, who emigrated to the United States with their children, including Thomas, who was born about 1855.

It's possible that Annie's middle initial may have stood for Selena, as the name persists in the subsequent generations; however, her sister's middle name was Selena as well, so perhaps Annie had a different middle name.

Annie's maternal grandparents were Henry and Mary Ann (Entwistle) Culverhouse of England, who also emigrated from England to Massachusetts.  Henry arrived at Boston in 1841 with his parents John and Harriet.  I'm not sure when Mary Ann Entwistle arrived, and I'm not sure of her parents' names, as there is  conflicting information online.  I believe her mother was also a Mary Ann, though, judging from the 1850 Census of Framingham, Massachusetts.

I lost track of Annie after the 1880 Census, when she and her family were living in Matteawan, New York.   Hopefully she had a long and productive life.  I'm assuming that she had her photograph taken when on a visit to her Culverhouse grandparents.

Her sister, Bessie Selena Walshaw, married Frank H. Gay and, after Frank died, Clayton Johnson, and raised her family in Illinois.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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