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Cabinet Photographs of Isaiah Cartland and wife Eunice (Rich) Cartland of Portland, Maine

Cabinet photographs of Isaish Rich and wife Eunice Hacker (Rich) Cartland of Portland, Maine. The photographs were taken by the Lamson studio and Charles W. Hearn studio, both of Portland, Maine.

The reverse of the photograph of Isaish notes that he was the brother of Cyrus.

Below, Eunice Hacker (Rich) Cartland:

And reverse:

The photographs were found with three related ones, featured in other posts:

  • Isaiah's sister Lydia (Cartland) Tuttle
  • Mary Rich (Cartland) Graham, Isaiah's daughter who married William Graham. The identification gives birth and death dates for Mary. 
  • William T, Graham, son of Mary Rich (Cartland) Graham and husband William Graham. This photo has their son, who was born 30 December 1879 and died 21 September 1927. He married Lucy Ellen Cartland, his second cousin, I believe. The identification gives birth and death dates for William T. Graham.
  • James Rogers Rich or James Robins Rich, presumably related to Eunice Hacker (Rich) Cartland 
From online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

Isaiah Cartland was born September 9,1829 at Windham, Maine, the son of Charles and Miriam (Robinson) Cartland, both of whom were born in New Hampshire and moved at some point to Windham, Maine.

Isaiah's paternal grandparents were Pelatiah and Anna (Hanson) Cartland, who were both born in New Hampshire and later moved to Maine. It was interesting coming across Anna Hanson of Dover, New Hampshire, as I have Hanson relatives from there.

Isaiah's maternal grandparents were, I believe, Stephen and Content (Alley) Robinson, both from towns near the Maine/New Hampshire border.

In 1852 Isaiah married Eunice Hacker Rich, who was born December 27, 1827 in Lynn, Massachusetts, the daughter of Thomas and Eunice (Jones) Rich. I don't have any information on the parentage of Thomas Rich, but Eunice Jones was the daughter of Amos and Eunice Jones.

Isaiah and Eunice lived in Portland, Maine and raised a daughter, Mary Rich Cartland and a son Thomas P. R. Cartland.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.


  1. Do you still have the photo of Lydia Cartland? I gave Isaiah. Thanks. Nancy

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