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1904 Sophomore Reading program, Class of 1906, Anson Academy, North Anson, Maine

Sophomore Reading, Given by the Class of 1906 of Anson Academy in Carrabassett Hall, North Anson, Maine, Friday Evening, February 5, 1904.


1.  Joe Striker and the Sheriff, Anon - by John E. Blake
2.  By Ned, Anon - by Leon C. Getchell
3.  A Sleeping Cavalier, Anon - by Perley D. Luce
4.  The Old Maid's Prayer, Anon - by Iva A. Getchell
5.  Metamora, Stone - by Linwood L. Berry
6.  In the Dime Museum, Anon - by Roxie M. Merrill
7.  Typ-Ta-Ta, Anon - by Leslie R. Berry
8.  Sunshine Johnson, Anon - by Maurice Foss

CLASS OTTO: "No Step Backward"

Maurice Foss, Pres.
Roxie M. Merrill, Sec.
Leslie R. Berry, Treas.

John E. Blake
Roxie M. Merrill
Iva A. Getchell

I invite readers to leave a comment about one of the sophomores mentioned above.  From the Maine Marriages online database, I found that:

  •  Leon C. Getchell of Embden, Maine, married Sadie B. Lovejoy of New Portland, Maine, on 4 December 1912
  • not sure if this is the correct person, but I found a Perlie C. Luce of New Portland, Maine, who married Esther M. Gilman of China, Maine, on 22 December 1909
  • Iva A. Getchell of Embden, Maine, married Melvin W. Farmer of New Portland, Maine, on 15 March 1909
  • Linwood L. Berry of Embden, Maine, married Carl Odrey of North Anson, Maine, on 23 June 1912 [Is Linwood a female or could Carl be Carla?]
  • not sure if this is the correct person, but I found a Roxie Merrill of Anson, Maine, who married Elsie Berry of Anson, Maine, on 7 October 1912 [could this perhaps be her classmate Leslie R. Berry?]

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