Tuesday, November 30, 2010

c. 1900/1910 Photo of Large Group of Identified People, likely Michigan

Wonderful photograph of a large group of people, identified but not placed, on the reverse.  No photographer's imprint to give a clue to the locale, but online research indicates the photograph was likely  taken in Michigan.

The names, hopefully deciphered correctly:

Mr. F. C. Maddocks
Mrs. F. C. Maddocis
Eva Carlin
Arthur Qua
Clark Duncan
Mrs. S. Riedsma
Minnie Hall
Kate Johnson
John McCormick
Dugald Sinclair
W. W. Sawyer
Hattie Gorman
Effie Bortle or Effie Bartle
Flora McEwan
Maud Northcott
Anna Fraser
Sam Buchman
Dorris Bridge
Lizzie Hey
H. Williams
M. Lamb
Myra Waite
Matie Hodges
Kittie Hoffman
Pearl Loveland
Allen Reynolds
Leo Buche
Miss Gokey
Edith Warren
Julia Greenwood
Harry Sanford
Nellie Maddocks
Florence Maddocks
Nellie Morris
Rose Earle
L. Dutton
C. T. Altman or C. T. Oltman (there's a hole at beginning of the surname)

If you are related to or have researched any of these names, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  I'd be interested to know the genealogy of the individual people and the reason that brought them all together to have their photograph taken.

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  1. I own a gold watch, dated nov. 24 1891, Kittie Hoffman (watch name Columbus), I purchase in Michigan.

  2. Wow - that's interesting! If only watches could speak...