Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 Tintypes of Mixed Groups, likely the Bangor, Maine area

Three tintypes in a collection of about 50 purchased at a Bangor, Maine show in 1990. I was told the folks in the tintypes were from the Bangor area, though I obviously can't confirm that.

To see more of the tintypes in this collection, use the search box at right and enter Bangor tintypes.

The tintypes shown in this post do not have backings, but I've included scans of two that do, to show the Bangor, Maine connection, of those two at least.

The tintype shown above appears to show three generations of a family. The tintype below shows what appears to be a mother and her two children.

  The tintype below shows a couple.

As noted above, there are only two tintypes in the entire collection that show a studio imprint, both from Bangor, Maine. One studio was that of J. P. Merrill.

The other was that of A. B. Farrar.

If you recognize any of these people from your family albums or research, please leave a comment below or contact me directly.

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