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Cabinet Photo of toddler William T. Graham (1879-1927) New Hampshire and Maine

Cabinet photograph of toddler William T. Graham taken by the Lamson studio of Portland, Maine.

I found this photograph with three related ones; click the name to see the photograph of that person
  • Isaiah Cartland, grandfather of William T. Graham
  • Lydia M. CartlandIsaiah Cartland's sister, who became the second wife of William Penn Tuttle of the Tuttle Farm of Dover, New Hampshire.  
  • Mary Rich Cartland, wife of William Graham and mother of William T. Graham.   

Two of the photographs mention Ruth, daughter of William T. Graham, so before they ended up in an antique shop, they must have been in the possession of a relative or friend of Ruth Graham.

From online research, hopefully correct:

William T. Graham was born 30 December 1879 and died 21 September 1927.  I believe he was born in Manchester, New Hampshire, the son of William Graham of Scotland and Mary Rich (Cartland) Graham.

On 24 April 1907, William T. Graham married Lucy Ellen Cartland, who was his second cousin.  They shared great grandparents Charles and Miriam (Robinson) Cartland. 

Lucy Ellen Cartland was born 11 December 1879 in Brunswick, Maine, the daughter of Charles and Frances Ellen (Tracy) Cartland.  Her paternal grandparents were Cyrus and Phoebe Rogers (Jones) Cartland. Her maternal grandparents were John Orr Tracy and his wife Octavia (Philbrook) Tracy.

William T. and Lucy Ellen Graham had at least two children, one of them being the Ruth mentioned on the reverse of two of the photographs in the collection, this one and that of Mary Rich (Cartland) Graham.

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See the page for William T. Graham and his wife Lucy Ellen Cartland at the Maine and Maritime Canada Genealogy network. 

A map of Brunswick, Maine:

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