Family Bibles & Family Registers, under construction

As I go through this collection and post about the Bibles, I'll provide links.  Note: Not in alphabetical order

New England

New Hampshire
Rhode Island
  • Bible of the Munro Family of Bristol, Rhode Island - from George Munro (1678-1744) to 4th great granddaughters Helen Burnham (Martin) Wood and Edith Munro (Martin) MacRury
  • Bible of Joel Stockwell & Mary (Bailey) Stockwell of Vermont & Portage, New York
  • Bible of Samuel Bailey & Dolly (Newton) Bailey; passed to daughter Sarah (Bailey) Pattee of Vermont & Iowa
  • Bible of Josiah Henry Greene & Wives Susan Converse and Laura Hanks; of New Hampshire & Vermont
  • Bible of William Spencer and Wives Samantha (Stimson) and Eunice H. (Gilbert) and Descendants of Vermont
  • Bible of Lindley Murray Vittum & Caroline C. (Derby) Vittum of New England and Descendants
Outside New England - not in alpha order

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