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Family Bible of Noah and Matilda Ann (Coon) Westfall of West Virginia

Family Bible of Noah and Matilda Ann (Coon) Westfall of West Virginia.  The Bible contains no place names, just dates.  Some pages at the back are missing, along with the back cover.  

At least two of the births entered occurred after Matilda Ann's death and were the offspring of Noah and a subsequent wife.

Above, their marriage, on 27 June 1854.

Above, a page listing the birth dates of Noah and Matilda Ann (Coon) Westfall and their children:

  • Noah Westfalll was Born April the 8th 1821
  • Matilda Ann Coon was Born November the 12th 1840
  • John H. Westfall was Born June the 7 the 1856
  • Rebecca Ann Westfall was Born November the 17th 1857
  • Sarah Jane Westfall was Born February the 12th 1860
  • James W. Westfall was Born October the 15th [or the 13th] 1863
  • Columbus Westfall Borned June the 9th 1865
  • Richard [?] Walker [or Walter] Westfall was Born October 21st 1867

The entries on the above page were written in pencil in a different hand from the previous pages.
  • Debora Westfall was [born] January 2 1870
  • John H. Westfall, March the 1st, 1874
Unfortunately, the top quarter of the page is missing; it might have provided a clue to the mother of Debora and John.  From researching online, it appears that Matilda Ann (Coon) Westfall had died about 1868 and Noah had remarried Agnes Litton.  She may have been the mother of Debora and/or John.

If you have any insights regarding any of the information presented here or on the Westfall and Coon families of Virginia and West Virginia, please leave a comment.

First end paper:

Title page:

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