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10 Documents, c1772-1852, pertaining to the Spinney & Pettegrow Families of York County, Maine, & Portsmouth, New Hampshire

10  documents, one since donated, pertaining to the Spinney and Pettegrow families of York County, Maine, with one document, the one shown above, from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, perhaps 1772.

The documents are listed below, followed by a guess as to the identity of those mentioned.  If you have corrections or additional information, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.

  1. [shown above] Portsmouth, New Hampshire, February 22, 1772 [not sure of year].  John Raynes and Israel Kaen [Kean ?] promise to pay Joseph Pettigrow 3 pounds lawfull money for value...  Perhaps Joseph Pettegrow (1742-1822)
  2. November 7, 1798 handwritten document: codfish sold to Stephen Pettegrow,  Jr.
  3. 1819-1822 handwritten document: Capt. Caleb Spinney to C. Greene; mentions Mr. Morton and Benjamin Adams; seems to be an account of court cases.  Perhaps Capt. Caleb Spinney (b. 1755). Perhaps Capt. Benjamin Adams (abt 1763-1842)
  4. July - October 1820 handwritten document: Nicholas Spinney, invoice from Nehemiah Green.  Perhaps Nicholas Spinney (1783-1845); perhaps Nehemiah Green (1766-1824)
  5. August 2, 1824 handwritten document; Nicholas Spinney, invoice for mending from James B?- Bartlett? Bouths? Bouthes?  Perhaps Nicholas Spinney (1783-1845)
  6. Eliot, Maine, November 30, 1839 [not sure of year, could be 1829]: Nicholas Spinney, invoice for sash and glazing from Stephen Paul.  Perhaps Nicholas Spinney (1783-1845)
  7. November 18, 1842, Kittery, Maine: handwritten document: received of ? Spinney for Dresser, Sixteen Dollars in full, Warren Dockum. Perhaps Warren Dockum (1812-1890)
  8. Eliot, Maine, April 12, 1843; Nicholas Spinney, invoice from Nathaniel Paul for building a cart plus iron, nails, boards, etc.  Perhaps Nicholas Spinney (1783-1845); perhaps Nathaniel Paul (1787-1865)
  9. Kittery, Maine,  May 28, 1849 handwritten document: Nicholas Spinney, Esq. bought at auction, horse rake; plough; sled.  Received payment, Isaiah Hanscom, Administrator and Auctioneer. Perhaps Nicholas Spinney (abt 1789-1866); perhaps Capt. Isaiah Hanscom (1815-1880)
  10. 1852 handwritten document: W. Skinner [or possibly Spinney]; invoice from William Seaward for pasturing cows. Possibly William Seaward (abt 1772-after 1860)

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