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Bible of Enoch M. Collins (1834-1881) & Polly Ann Currier (Morrill) Collins (1838-1901) of Essex County, Massachusetts

Small Bible of Enoch M. Collins (1834-1881) and Polly Ann Currier (Morrill) Collins (1838-1901) of Essex County, Massachusetts.  

Towns mentioned in the Bible are Salisbury, Massachusetts; East Salisbury, Massachusetts, and Newbury [or Newburyport], Massachusetts.

The Bible is approximately 7" by 4" by 1-1/2" and is missing a few pages at the front. The New Testament title page shows that the Bible was printed in New York by the American Bible Society in 1854.

Handwriting appears on the inside front cover and back end paper and inside back cover, as well as the Births page found between the two Testaments. Sadly, three other Family Record pages are blank.

The inside front cover has the handwritten entry Polly A. Collins Book as well as the name of Polly's son George A. Collins.

The only Family Records page with entries:

Occupation of Father shoemaker
Taken from Birth Certificate from the Town of Salisbury, Mass in 1932. 
George Adams Collins Nov. 3, 1857, son of Enoch M. Collins & Polly A. C. Collins, Salisbury, Mass. 

Note the discrepancy in the birth year of George Adams Collins.

The back end paper has the following handwriting: Mrs. Polly A. Collins, Newbury [or Newburyport], Mass; it appears there's something written after Newbury, and Newburyport would be a strong possibility. 

The inside back cover has handwriting, possibly Polly Ann Currier, born September 2.

If you have information to share on the families of Enoch M. Collins and Polly Ann Currier (Morrill) Collins, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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