Monday, February 20, 2023

1825 Shipbuilding Document, Steuben, Maine; Names of brothers Philo Lewis & Thompson Lewis; and Tunk Mill owners Mark Wilson & Moses Colson

January 3, 1825, Steuben, Maine; handwritten document where Philo Lewis and his brother Thompson Lewis are purchasing planks from Mark Wilson and Moses Colson, owners of the Tunk Mill.

A previous contemporary owner of this document wrote "Shipbuilding" in pencil; presumably the Lewis brothers were shipbuilders.
From brief online research: If you have corrections and/or additional information, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers

  • Philo Lewis - presumably Philo Lewis (abt 1785-1838); Postmaster of Steuben from 1823-1827; Connecticut native. Also, thanks to information provided by a reader, a smuggler during Pres. Jefferson's Embargo Act of 1807.
  • Moses Colson - presumably Moses Colson (1782-1860); Maine native, possibly Cherryfield, Maine

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