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Bible of Nathan Dean & Betsy (Collamore) Dean of Lincolnville, Maine

Small Bible of Nathan Dean (abt 1793-1892) & Betsey (Collamore or Collemore) Dean (abt 1796-unk) of Lincolnville, Maine.

Towns mentioned in the Bible are Lincolnville, Maine; Camden, Maine; Belmont, Maine; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Bible, approximately 7-1/2" by nearly 5" by nearly 2", was published in New York by the American Bible Society in 1845.

No Family Records pages are included in the Bible, but handwritten information appears and on several fore and after end papers and inside the covers.

Inside front cover: a death notice for Mrs. Sarah C. Elms, age 65 years and 1 month, of "Elms", Camden; the remains taken to Belmont, Maine. Sarah's first husband was Gorham Dean (1829-1857), son of Nathan Dean and Betsey (Collamore) Dean. Gorham was a mariner who drowned off Seal Island, according to his gravestone. Sarah's gravestone gives her second married surname as Elems.

First end paper: 

  • Nathan Dean Born May the 31 1796, Died Jan the 21 [or 27] 1892
  • Betsy Dean Feb ?  Can you figure it out?
  • R? - died August 21 [27?] 189x in Philadelphia - possibly Rufus S. Dean

Reverse of first end paper: stamp of Gorham Dean, son of Nathan Dean and Betsy (Collamore) Dean

 A back end paper:
Gorham Dean Born in the " of our Lord 1829

Another back end paper: Gorham Dean 1850 Married to Sarah C. Metcalf August the fourteenth ___ Born 1829.  There's more handwriting underneath but I can't decipher it.

Another back end paper: Gorham Dean Book, Linconville [sic] Maine 1847 Again, there's more handwriting underneath that I can't decipher.

Another back end paper: stamp of Gorham Dean; Louisa Dean, Rufus Dean

Inside back cover: pencilled handwriting that I can't make out.

If you have information to share on the Dean and Collemore families of coastal Maine, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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