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1826 Deaths at Cornish, New Hampshire; from a Handwritten Journal Covering the Years 1826 to 1850

Note:  Please let me know if you find errors in transcription or information - thanks in advance!

First page from a journal handwritten by an unknown person, but likely by a descendant of William Ripley, that lists the deaths at Cornish, New Hampshire from 1826 to 1850.  This post covers deaths in 1826.

Interestingly, an article in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register of 1917, pages 338-342, describes the project undertaken by William Ripley to record deaths in Cornish, New Hampshire, from 1775 until his death in 1818, upon which the task was given over to subsequent descendants.

The journal here is, I believe, either a copy of the original records, by a descendant of William Ripley, or was kept as the deaths happened by William Ripley's son Col. James Ripley until his death in 1842, leaving no descendants, and then by William Ripley's grandson Deacon James Ripley Wellman, son of Althea (Ripley) Wellman.

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The journal measures approximately 9-3/4" by 8" and consists of the covers, 8 interior pages, with entries also on the inside back cover.

"Con" might refer to "Consumption", whether tuberculosis or an all-inclusive term for wasting away.  "OA" is presumably "Old Age".  Chm or Cm presumably refer to "Church Member".  Some pages mention "Bm", might be "Baptist member".

If you notice spelling and interpretation errors and/or if you have clarifying information or alternative identities for any of the people mentioned, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Sources for the information, hopefully correct, that I've added to the listings:
The entries are a bit jumbled, so be forewarned that the deaths might not have occurred in the month noted, and some dates don't match other sources, but are close and may even be more dependable, if this journal is truly a primary source.

January 1826
February 1826
  • Old Mrs. White - Old Age - perhaps this Mary White
March 1826
June 1826
July 1826
  •  An Infant of Gamaliel Bartlett.  The History of the Town of Cornish, New Hampshire, 1763-1910, Volume 2, cited above, contains a reference to this infant's death, as well as to those of two more of Gamaliel's children, both two years old, in 1825 and 1832. 
August 1826
  • Old Mrs. Young OA.  Perhaps this Mrs. Young, Sarah (Cady) Young, wife of Peter Chase and then Thomas Young, died May 3, 1826 and perhaps entered in the wrong month.
  • A Child of Jesse Wyman - presumably this father Jesse Wyman
  • Miss Sally Freeman Con age 26.  FindaGrave memorial for a Sarah Freeman who died at age 26 in 1826 and is buried in Sullivan County, New Hampshire, but in the month of March.  Sally, listed under the wrong month or is the memorial incorrect?
  • An Infant of Benjamin Thrasher - perhaps the father is this Benjamin Thrasher, who is buried at nearby Claremont, New Hampshire
  • An Infant of Ichabod Smith Jr. - noted on memorial for Ichabod Smith, Jr (but Jr. appears to have been at least III)
September 1826
 October 1826
  • An Infant of P. Tinkham - perhaps the father was this Peter Tinkham
  • A Child of John Allen, Jr. - presumably a child of John Allen, Jr., and second wife Dolly.  
Whole number in 1826 - 23  [I get 21, but he mentioned Mrs. Margaret Stone, who died on June 18, 1826, three times.]
    If you notice any transcription errors, or if you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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