Wednesday, May 2, 2018

c 1918 Photographs of Maine Logging Camps in Northwestern Aroostook County, Maine

View of a Waterfront Logging Camp with Paddock

Collection of photographs of logging camps in Northwestern Aroostook County, Maine.   One of the photographs is dated 1918.

If any of these scenes looks or sounds familiar from your knowledge of the area, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

The photograph above has nothing written on the reverse, but other photographs mention:

  • Allegash #1 - now spelled Allagash
  • Storehouse, Allagesh #5, 40'x100' - now spelled Allagash
  • Office, Allegash #5 - now spelled Allagash
  • Cook Room, Men's Camp, Allegash No. 5 - now spelled Allagash
  • Blacksmith Shop, Musquacook No. 1
  • Wagon Shed & Hovel 4 horses, Musquacook No. 1
  • Office, Musquacook #1
  • Storehouse Musquacook No. 1
  • Robey's Camp, Musquacook #1
  • St. John Loading Plant, presumably on the St. John River
  • St. John Engine, June/18
  • Hovel and Blacksmith Shop, 25 Mile - 2 views
  • Men's Camp & Cook Room, 10 Mile
Scenes include blacksmith shops; storehouses; offices; wagon sheds; horse hovels; cook rooms; men's camps. 

St. John Loading Plant

 St. John Engine, June/18

 No caption on reverse

Allegash No. 1, now spelled Allagash

Robey's Camp, Musquacook #1


  1. Do you know any names of people who were there? I am researching my family tree and my great-great grandfather was from Aroostook, Maine. According to what I have found he was a state champion for chopping and shaping railroad ties He was a logger and was known for making horse drawn sleds they used to skid logs out of the woods to the river.

  2. Sadly, no names except the name Robey for one of the camps. Hope you write up a bio of your great great grandfather - sounds interesting!