Tuesday, December 6, 2016

8 CDVs of Unidentified People, Presumably Related, with Clues: Bangor, Maine; Pawtucket, Rhode Island; Providence, Rhode Island

8 Cartes de Visites of unidentified people.  The photographs were taken by studios at Bangor, Maine; Providence, Rhode Island; and Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Reverse of the carte de visite above:

The photographs were found with a memorial card and several other photographs from New Brunswick, Maine and Michigan.
  • Helen Eola Mayo of Bangor,  Maine; granddaughter, presumably, of the David Peavey noted on the memorial card.
  • David Peavey - memorial card; presumably the David H. Peavey of Exeter, Maine, maternal grandfather of Helen Eola Mayo
  • Sam A. Robinson - baby photograph; identified on reverse as father of Curtis Skolfield Robinson
  • Bertie Way; photograph by an Escanaba, Michigan studio - presumably Alberta Mabel Way, a native of New Brunswick
  • Percy Leroy Way; by a Woodstock, New Brunswick studio - he lived for a while in Michigan
  • Sisters Maebelle White and Margaret White; by a Detroit, Michigan studio but from the Hermansville, Michigan area; nieces of the wife of Percy Leroy Way
  • Cabinet card of an unidentified elderly man by the J. F. Gerrity studio of Bangor, Maine; handwriting on reverse: July 23, 1896, 94 years - was the date his birthday celebration, his death date or the date the photograph was taken?
  • 19th century photograph of students at ? School No 9, possibly Cranford
If you recognize any of the people in the CDVs from your family photographs and/or research, or have an idea of identity based on the locale and clues of the identified people, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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