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c1870s Photograph Album of Tintypes of the Brown and Miles Families of Vermont and Michigan

c1870s photograph album with 11 tintypes of the Brown and Miles families of Hinesburg, Vermont and Schoolcraft, Michigan.

Other surnames appearing in the album or appearing in the family history of the people pictured:
  • Boynton
  • Burns
  • Earl
  • Livermore
  • Peters
  • Ray
  • Scott
The album measures approximately 5-3/4" by 4" and contains eleven tintypes and gem tintypes.  Not everyone is identified, and the identifications appear to have been made after the album was compiled, with at least one mistake.

The tintypes, in page order:
  • "Addison Brown, Married Aunt Mary Ann, Sister of J. F. Miles".   Actually Addison Makepeace Brown was the son of Mary Ann (Miles) Brown, second wife of Ebenezer Lakin Brown.  Mary Ann (Miles) Brown was the sister of Dr. John Fay Miles.  Addison Makepeace Brown married Mollie Eliza Earl in 1885.
  • Frank Boynton.  Presumably related to Fidelia (Boynton) Miles, wife of Dr. John Fay Miles
  • "Ella Livermore, her mother sister to John Fay Miles".  Ella was the daughter of James Livermore and Helen Juliette (Miles) Livermore, who was a sister to Dr. John Fay Miles.
  • "A Friend of Auntie May" - appears to be a boy of about ten years, but possibly a girl
  • "Auntie May, Allie Peters (Aunt James daughter)" - Aunt James could be Aunt Janes; see for yourself in the second image below.
  • Aunt Helen Ray, Grandpa Miles' Sister".  Helen (Miles) Ray was born in 1835 at Hinesburg, Vermont, daughter of Nathaniel Miles and Roxalana (Bishop) Miles and wife of Ralph Elmer Ray.  She died at Burlington, Vermont in 1880.  "Grandpa Miles" was presumably Dr. John Fay Miles.
  • "Addison, Edd, Ada Brown"; pictured below.  They were the children of Ebenezer Lakin Brown.  Ada was Amelia Ada Brown, whose mother was Ebenezer's first wife Amelia W. (Scott) Brown, who died in 1848.  Edd and Addison were Edward Miles Brown and Addison Makepeace Brown, whose mother was Ebenezer's second wife Mary Ann (Miles) Brown.
  • "School Friends of Auntie May" - facing pages with tintypes of two young women
  • "Ada Brown"; Amelia Ada Brown, daughter of Ebenezer Lakin Brown and first wife Amelia W. (Scott) Brown.
  • "Charles and Mary Miles", shown below.  Although two people are mentioned on the reverse of the mat of this gem tintype, only one young man is pictured, presumably the Charles Miles mentioned. Charles may have been Charles Noble Miles, born in 1848 at Hinesburg, Vermont, son of Dr. John Fay Miles and Fidelia (Boynton) Miles.  Charles married Helen or Ellen J. Burns of New York; he died in 1928 in Idaho.  Fittingly, Charles had a sister, Mary Ann Miles. 

Below, tintype of Amelia Ada Brown and her half-brothers Edward Miles Brown and Addison Makepeace Brown:

Read the obituary of Addison Makepeace Brown here.

Below: "Auntie May, Allie Peters (Aunt James daughter)".  If you can tease out the identities of Auntie May and Allie Peters, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Frank Boynton:

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

  • U.S. Federal Censuses
  • Vermont Birth Records
  • Michigan Birth and Death Records

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