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Family Records Pages of Family of Henry M. Young and Wives of Oswego County, New York

Family Record pages apparently removed at some point from the Family Bible of Henry M. Young and wives Charlotte E. (Curtis) Young and Zuba L. (Gilson) Young of Oswego County, New York.

The page above lists Henry's marriages to Charlotte on January 2, 1851 and Zuba on November 11, 1873 and the marriage of Henry and Charlotte's daughter Medora C. Young to Herbert Gulliver on January 7, 1873.

The page below lists four children born to Henry M. and Charlotte E. (Curtis) Young:
  1. Medora C. Young, born August 8, 1855
  2. Frederick H. Young, born September 25, 1857
  3. William L. Young, born October 8, 1859
  4. George Young, born March 10, 1868

The page below lists the birth dates of Charlotte E. Curtis and her 9 siblings, plus the birth date of Charlotte's husband Henry M. Young.
  1. Nancy Curtis, born September 4, 1809
  2. Alfred Curtis, born September 13, 1811
  3. Jane Curtis [middle initial either C or E], born August 18, 1813
  4. Stephen Curtis, born October 19, 1815
  5. Mariah Curtis, born September 11, 1817
  6. Hyram S. Curtis, born January 7, 1820
  7. Harvey P. Curtis, born November 21, 1822
  8. Charles R. Curtis, born May 24, 1824
  9. Mabel C. Curtis, born August 10, 1827
  10. Charlotte Curtis, born June 16, 1830
  11. Henry M. Young, Charlotte's husband, born March 10, 1827

The Deaths page lists the deaths of Charlotte herself, her parents, some of her siblings and children; and the deaths of Henry M. Young and second wife Zuba.
  1. Mabel C. Curtis, Charlotte's sister; died August 19, 1828
  2. Alfred Curtis, Charlotte's brother; died May 24, 1832
  3. Stephen Curtis, Charlotte's father; died December 13, 1838, Aged fifty-two years and five months
  4. Polly or Dolly M. Curtis, Charlotte's mother; died August 12, 1858, Aged Sixty seven years and nine months.
  5. Frederick H. Young, son of Henry M. Young and Charlotte E. (Curtis) Young; died March 15, 1858, aged five months 15 days
  6. Charlotte E. (Curtis) Young, died November 14, 1872, Aged Forty two years and five months
  7. Zuba L. Young, second wife of Henry M. Young; died January 26, 1879, Aged 51 years and 8 months
  8. William L. Young, son of Henry M. Young and Charlotte E. (Curtis) Young; died October 17 [or 19], 1884, aged 27 [or 29] years and 11 days
  9. Henry M. Young, husband of Charlotte E. (Curtis) Young and Zuba L. (Gilson ?) Young; died August 29, 1907, 80 years.

The pages do not mention any locales, but brief online research shows that Henry M. Young lived in Oswego County, at least part of his life at Scriba and part at New Haven.  Zuba L. (Gilson) Young may have been the daughter of Simon and Phoebe (Kelsey) Gilson of Oswego County.  

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this, these Family Bibles are like gold nuggets. I note that you have Frederick H. Young and William L. Young listed as Charlotte's brothers, these were her sons. Her mother was actually Polly not Dolly. I wonder how you determined Polly was a Loomis, several people have her listed as Loomis but Stephen Curtis of Washington, New York married a Polly Loomis and there has been lots of confusion with the Stephen's so I was looking for some source to support this Polly being a Loomis.

    Linda Herman