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1860s/1870s Pages from the Family Bible of George L. Brunnemer of Indiana

Family Record pages that at some point were removed from the Family Bible of George L. Brunnemer and his wives Sarah E. McClellan and Nancy C. Vanarsdall.

As shown above, George L. Brunnemer was married to Sarah E. McClellan on February 5, 1863 by A. Kenedy [sic?].  Another page notes that Sarah died on September 6, 1866, not long after the birth of her daughter Sarah Emeline Brunnemer on August 12, 1866.  Sadly, daughter Sarah died on November 14, 1867.

 George and Sarah's first child was James Daily Brunnemer, born on December 11, 1863.

George was married to Nancy C. Vanarsdall on October 23, 1867, by Rev. James Crawford; they had three children listed in the Bible, and reportedly at least one more, if not more, that weren't recorded:
  1. Albert T. Brunnemer, called "Albertie" in the Bible, born on October 29, 1869
  2. Ammie Jane Brunnemer, born on December 8, 1871
  3. William Jasper Brunnemer, born on March 3, 1874

Read a short biography of George L. Brunnemer and his wives and children from History of Johnson County, Indiana, by D. D. Banta and published in 1888.

There are family trees online that have photographs of George and his family, but I haven't yet received permission to post them here.

Found with the pages were several unmarked pages and three engravings:

If you have information that conflicts with the information above, or additional information, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Johnson County, Indiana

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