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Likeness or Photograph of Benjamin Brackett Leavitt of Eastport, Maine

Likeness or Photograph of Benjamin Brackett Leavitt of Eastport, Maine.  On the reverse is a note that the family called him "Uncle Leavitt".

Benjamin's photograph was found with two other Leavitt family photographs:
  1. Benjamin's daughter-in-law Emily C. (White) Leavitt, wife of the above-mentioned Samuel Deane Leavitt
  2. Amy White Leavitt, daughter of Emily C. (White) Leavitt and Samuel Deane Leavitt.  Amy would attend Vassar College and marry Henry Chapman Waters.
Benjamin Brackett Leavitt was born November 6, 1798 at Eastport, Maine, the son of Jonathan and Mary (Perkins) Leavitt of Hampton, New Hampshire, who had moved to Eastport about 1787.  Some sources give Benjamin's birth place as Exeter, New Hampshire.

Benjamin was a clerk, a merchant, a legislator and served a while as the Surveyor of the Port of Eastport, Maine.  Read more about him here.

In 1824 Benjamin married Harriet Lamprey, daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Batchelder) Lamprey of New Hampshire.  They had seven children, but only two survived to maturity.  One of these was Samuel Deane Leavitt, another leading citizen of Eastport, Maine.

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