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Family Records Pages of Henry and Jane Foster of Quebec

Family Records pages of the Henry and Jane Foster family of Quebec.  If the pages were once part of a Family Bible, they were apparently removed long ago.  Based on a few clues, I believe the Bible, or at least the pages, passed into the hands of their son Arthur and his wife Mary Ann (Ligget) Foster.

The Marriages page records three marriages:
  1. Henry and Jane, parents
  2. Their daughter Frances Foster, who married Leonard Lucas in July 1842
  3. Their son Arthur Foster, who married Mary Ann Ligget on June 24, 1862.

The Births page lists Henry and Jane's five children, but does not give their dates or places of birth. It also lists their daughter-in-law Mary Ann (Ligget) Foster.
  1. Frances Foster
  2. James Foster
  3. Elizabeth Foster
  4. Arthur Foster
  5. Jane Foster
  6. Daughter-in-law Mary Ann Ligget, born May 12, 1839

The Deaths page lists the deaths of Henry and Jane Foster and three of their children:
  1. James Foster, son of Henry and Jane Foster; no date given
  2. Elizabeth Foster, daughter of Henry and Jane Foster; no date given
  3. Jane Foster, Henry's wife; her death date is hard to read but appears to be November 27, 1857, though I've noted the year as 1856 in several sources online
  4. Henry Foster, died July 10, 1869, age 75; again, the year is hard to read
  5. Arthur Foster, son of Henry and Jane Foster, died March 22, 1902, age 70.
The Miscellaneous page is empty.

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions welcome!]

Henry Foster was born in County Sligo, Ireland about 1795; Jane was born about 1797, also in Ireland, I believe.  They eventually settled in Quebec and had 5 children, Frances; James; Elizabeth; Arthur; and Jane. 

Frances Foster married Leonard Lucas in July 1842 and moved to Iowa.  Arthur Foster married Mary Ann Ligget on June 24, 1862.   Jane married James Ligget on August 15, 1860 and moved to Iowa, perhaps at the same time and to the same area as her sister Frances (Foster) Lucas.  I don't have information for Elizabeth Foster and James Foster.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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