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1916 Commencement Program for Boynton High School at Eastport, Maine

1916 Commencement Exercises for Boynton High School at Eastport, Maine, held at the Baptist Church at two o'clock.

The Boynton High School building was designed by Gridley James Fox Bryant in 1847.  In 1917, Boynton High School was closed and replaced by a new building, renamed Shead Memorial High School.  Since that time the Boynton High School building has been used by various businesses and organizations, including several decades as the home of Eastport City Hall.   It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.

  • Processional, Mrs. Nicholas
  • Prayer, Rev. Albert E. Berrie
  • Music, "Somewhere"; "Gaily the Echoes Ring", Boynton High School Chorus
  • Salutatory, "At Washington", Rena Blanche Turner
  • History, "Notes from my Diary", Gladys Lewis Warnock
  • Essay, "A Model City", Lucy Helen Colwell
  • Prophecy, "In 1925", Avis Belle Loring
  • Music, "Whispering Hope", "Barcarolle", Boynton High School Chorus
  • Mathematical Demonstration, Clifford Merrill Bishop; John Henderson McCart
  • Presentation of Gifts, John Clarence Muldoon
  • Valedictory, "Colonial versus Modern Education", Mary Virginia Chevrier
  • Presentation of the Holmes Scholarship and English Composition Medals, Mayor Fred T. Eldridge
  • Address, Samuel A. Elliott, D.D., L.L.D.
  • Presentation of Diplomas, Mr. Herbert H. Kilby
  • Class Ode
  • Benediction
  • Recessional

Class of 1916

College Preparatory Course
Lucie Kilby Atwood
Amy Catherine Bogle
John Clarence Muldoon
Alice Gordon Rome
William Henry Smith
Rena Blanche Turner
Gladys Lewis Warnock

Commercial Course
Jeanette Morrison Boyd
Lucy Helen Colwell
Arthur Stanley Gregory
Avis Belle Loring
Vera Leland
Ashton Morton Mabee
Donald Whitney Silver

English Course
Clifford Merrill Bishop
Mary Virginia Chevrier
Genevieve Winifred Healy
Ralph Alexander Harrington
Gerald Cushing Harrington
Arthur Cameron Hilyard
John Henderson McCart

Class Officers
President, John Clarence Muldoon
Vice-President, Lucie Kilby Atwood
Secretary, Arthur Cameron Hilyard
Treasurer, Gladys Lewis Warnock

Jennie A. Grindle, Principal
Helen N. Hanson
Arthur A. St. Onge
Harley H. Sawyer

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